Thursday, December 27, 2007

La Belle Otero .. the Suicide Siren

La Belle inspiration to me. Yes its true she drove many men to suicide, but nevertheless, I admire her use of erotic power, her sharp mind and her tenacity. At age eleven she was abducted by a shoemaker, held captive, and raped until her pelvis broke. A year later she ran away and lived by her wits and her body until she began her dancing career. Known as the "International Queen of Dance", she filled the theaters night after night and had a long line of wealthy suitors. She had a way of capturing mens hearts, then leaving them. She was an austere and merciless sex goddess. She once said that a man became yours not the moment you spread your legs, but the moment you "twist his wrist". Her treatment was too harsh for many of her suitors to bear, which resulted in several of them committing suicide. Otero was impossible to grasp,she had the quality of a goddess but was earthy at the same time...the ultimate femme fatale.
When I read about her, I experienced a morbid sense of fascination. The fact that she was able to rise out of extreme poverty and abuse and become such a powerful seductress is a testament to the power of female eroticism.
I admire her ability to harness the power of the feminine, although it is unfortunate that her attention resulted in such disastrous results for many. She was one hell of a soul crusher!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Rope, rope everywhere!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being in the company of a couple dozen rope enthusiasts. Getting together to share bondage ideas and tie people up is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. One of my favorite ties is one that can be applied with the person laying face down. The hands are tied together, then the rope is wound under and across the shoulders and around the arms creating a diamond shape on the back. It can be pulled tight to raise the position of the wrists higher on the back, thus increasing the severity of the bondage. I added a second rope to the ankle, bent the leg back, and wound the rope around the top of the thigh, the foot, and through the toes attaching it to the first rope to add more fun.
There were several people there participating in the festivities with all kinds of creative ties.
From an asymmetrical suspension, to a red and green vet wrap mummification, to various body harnesses, the rooms were buzzing with activity. After I had my fill of tying, I relaxed by french braiding the hair of a lovely girl who agreed to someday wear a school girl outfit for me as a prelude to a vigorous application of physical sensations. Ummmm.

Monday, December 17, 2007


There is a secret place inside of me where my forbidden urges dwell. These urges go beyond simply feeding, fucking, and fighting to another realm. At first, I ignored this part of myself, hoping it would stop interfering with my life, stop draining the sizzle out of my couplings with others. Somewhere along the line, I lost my inhibitions and decided to squeeze as much out of life as I could and I decided to unleash my inner wicked, femme fatale . I keep her inside of me, just under the surface, always watching, observing, waiting to be released. The moment the sub kneels on the floor in front of me and places his forehead lightly on top of my extended foot, the dark urges course through my being. I tell him: Empty your mind at this moment, focus on me now. All of those things that are part of your other life outside of this room no longer exist. Let go of every little thought that may distract you from serving me in whatever capacity I desire.
I can tell when he is ready to follow me, follow me into my world where he will succumb to my terrible urges. I will accept his surrender and savor it like a fine wine.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I really really enjoy what I do as far as my sessions with clients are concerned. I consider myself very lucky, but it is actually more than luck that brought me to this. It has been a fascination and at times a compulsion, this desire to express myself through erotic domination. I studied and practiced and sought out experts and studied some more. I experimented and admitted my mistakes and tried new and wild things that were scary at first. All along the way I have enjoyed myself immensely! I just adore the reaction I can get out of a person and I am sometimes shocked and surprised at my own reactions. I have entered a new realm where so many unbelievable things are possible. I connect with people in a deep primal way that feeds us both. I am excited at the myriad opportunities that await me.
I am hoping that this blog will be yet another outlet of expression for me. It is an interesting feeling to know that others may read my words, its a little exhibitionistic, a bit thrilling.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Femdom Roles

Today I will meet with some dominant women in the local bdsm community to discuss the various archetypes of female dominance. From the Amazon Warrior Princess to Goddess to the Loving Mommy and any other role that comes up. I can see myself in a number of different capacities. It all depends on which area of my psyche would like to come out and play. It also depends very heavily on what the sub brings to equation. Somebody once asked me what kind of play I enjoy the most and all I could think of to say was long as I am the Queen.

Artwork by Banksy

Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Boots

The boots arrived today; black shiny leather, thigh high boots with five in spike heels. My heart started beating faster as I released them from their tissue paper bedding. They were asleep, waiting for me to wake them from their slumber and infuse them with life. My feet and legs would provide the pulse, the life energy. My flesh warming the leather, the lacing pulled tight to hug every inch of me from mid-thigh all the long way down. I feel my mood start to change with every pull of the boot lace. The worries and troubles of my day evaporate and are replaced with a feeling of hungry power. I can do anything I want while I am wearing these boots!
The boy has been sitting in the center of my rug, watching me. He has no idea how cruel I can be with the proper boot wear. Boy! Place your hands on the floor--one palm up and one palm down. We are going to do an experiment. Which is worse? Palm up or palm down? Smiling sweetly I step on the fingers of the palm up hand, slowly at first until he starts gasp and whimper. My expression changes into a cold sneer. Next palm down hand. Tell me, which is worse? I mean better. Not for me, but for you? Are you sure? Wait a minute? Is this worse? Or, was this one better? For you or me? Who is everything for? Get it straight! Answer me! Now we need to start are obviously confused.
On and on, the experiment continued until I stopped abruptly. I had enough. Good boy! Now you may kiss my boots.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Human Turkey

I felt like trussing up a human turkey after the big meal. A willing victim happily obliged. A couple of lengths of rope were used to ties his hands together in front and attach them to his bound ankles. I rolled him onto his side to prepare the flesh for the roasting. I oiled him up and set him under a heat lamp. His skin was toasty warm. I told him nice little stories about turkeys gobbling as the candle built up a pool of wax. For my amusement, he had to make turkey sounds....not "gobble, gobble", but real turkey sounds! It was so funny to watch him laying there, making those ridiculous sounds knowing that very shortly I would sear his flesh with hot wax. I basted him with the wax, pouring it over him, satisfied with the reaction it caused. Then it was time to amp things up a bit. I took a needle and heated it up until it glowed red hot. The look on his face was priceless. In a very solemn manner, I touched the needle to his upper thigh, his wails mingled with the sounds of Mozart. AAhh yes, the torture continued for awhile, fueling my sadistic glee. And just to show how pleased I was, I encased his cock and balls in lovely hot wax!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Something New

I have decided to try my hand at keeping a blog. Hopefully, it will be an enjoyable endeavor for both myself and anyone else who happens upon it. I plan on sharing my thoughts and musings on life in general, but more specifically on my adventures in the world of female domination.