Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sweet Masochist

I recently had a very satisfying session with a sweet masochist. Its so nice when a prospective client shows through his emails a total willingness to surrender to me and experience the thrill of a real scene. I really appreciate the polite and respectful approach of a true gentleman. Beside his overall friendly manner, what made this particular person so endearing was the fact that he is a masochist and had no problem receiving marks on his body. I have ways of inflicting intense pain that leave no marks whatsoever, but it was refreshing to be able to use a variety of striking implements without worrying about the resulting evidence left behind on the flesh. Knowing this allowed me to punish him with complete abandon, which of course, REALLY gets my juices flowing. I love seeing the skin change color. The skin is the canvas, and I paint it with pain. I love running my fingers over the raised welts and feel the heat radiate from them. I love to laugh when I am feeling high and aroused, expressing my sadism.
I always like to hear feedback from my subs. Here are some of his thoughts, taken from a blog post he wrote about our time together.

She tells me to pick a number. I say three. I know I’m screwed when she laughs and says, “Thirty-three, wow, what a big number. Very well, Thirty-three it is.”
Mistress Akume is an aficionado of Japanese rope bondage. I am bound and placed face down on the floor.

Mistress Akume gets a flogger and warms up my already sore bottom. I am grateful for the warm up. Eventually though, it’s time for the punishment. I am instructed to count and thank Mistress Akume for each and every stroke. The first stoke comes down and my ass is on fire. I think that there is no way that I can possibly take another Thirty-two strokes. Another stroke explodes on my ass. Then another one lands.

Mistress Akume is bending down next to my ear and is speaking softly. “I gave you specific instructions about counting each stroke and thanking me. You have failed to do that. We will begin again at zero. I expect you to be able to follow directions.”

“Oh, yes Mistress,” I groan.

I promise you that I never forgot to count or thank Mistress Akume for a stroke. Not a single one was a light stroke. They were all delivered very harshly and very very hard. I made it through the entire punishment, but just barely. I used my “slow down” safe word, but not the “stop” safe word. I was and still am very proud of my performance and endurance. Mistress Akume seemed to like it also and said I was a true masochist. I take great pride in that statement, especially coming from her.

After my punishment, the session wound down. After Mistress Akume removed my collar we were able to relax and talk about the session. Mistress was very attentive and warm. I was a bundle of nerves, all hyped up and giddy on endorphins. I was marked quite a bit on my back and buttocks, and even though I was struck very hard and had welts risen, there was absolutely no blood drawn. The marks lasted a few days and disappeared. The thoughts of the punishment will never leave me.

Was it worth it? Oh hell yes. Completely. Without a doubt.

Want to see Mistress Akume? You have to promise to be sincere. Do not be a game player, and do not waste her time. She is a professional and will tailor the scene to the individual so what you may experience will probably be different from my experience. That’s half of the fun though, isn’t it? A little bit of mystery in the shadow world of Mistress Akume!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whip Mistress Extraordinaire

Here is a photo of my new whip.

I want to become a "Whip Mistress Extraordinaire".

I had the good fortune to receive a hand crafted lovely seven foot single tail whip from a whip enthusiast friend of mine. He gave me a lesson on the proper technique for throwing the whip and also taught me safety tips. I had no idea how amazing it feels to send the whip flying through the air and making it pop with a very loud crack. The cracking effect comes from the tip of the whip traveling faster than the speed of sound. He taught me what he called the circus crack. I hold the handle in a special way, my index finger pointing to my target, in the direction I send the whip, and the brunt of the handle in the palm of the hand. This way I have more control over where the whip is going. I can just point to my target and send all of that power directly to where I want it to go. And believe me, there is plenty of power pouring out of me and coursing down the length of that lovely strand. The sound it makes as I make it crack is so thrilling and loud! Over and over again, I flung it out in front of me and made it crack. After awhile, it felt so smooth and graceful. I really enjoyed the feeling I got when the throw would be perfect. This particular method will allow me to actually wrap the whip around someone with very minimal impact. I can make the whip snake around a person in a very sensuous manner. It can also cause a considerable amount of damage to a person if not handled correctly. The knot where the cracker is tied to the whip can act act like a little bullet. It travels with an incredible amount of speed. I will have to practice for quite some time before I attempt to whip a person.
I felt so empowered by my whip lesson. Afterwards I was all excited. My hands were trembling and I was experiencing this nice little rush. I have experienced this feeling before when shooting guns. It felt wonderful.
So, needles to say, I am very happy with my new found fascination. I relish the thought of the day when I can actually whip a man with my single tail. I know it will be profoundly delicious.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The hot art of Eric Stanton

I am blown away by this intense art. Just looking at these pictures turns me on so much. Eric Stanton really captures the essence of female erotic domination. I find these pictures more arousing than many of those slick, overproduced femdom porn sites one finds on the internet. Just thought I would share these with you, because they are so wonderful.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

CBT sissy

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to live out my fantasies on a variety of willing submissive men. It is an incredible feeling to connect with a person who meets me in that special world we share. The world of consensual kink, where the inner longings of the erotic mind are brought forth, examined, and gratified. Not everyone has the courage to go there. I am grateful to those men who come to me and open themselves to me, to take as I see fit. I take their hand and lead them into an experience that allows them to freely express their submissive nature. Plus, its just so damn arousing to me.
I had a client come to me recently who left quite an impression on me. During our initial meeting before our session time, he had admitted to me that I was the first person he had ever discussed his sexual fantasies with. He had always dreamed of the day when he would finally get the courage to live out one of his secret wishes. When he told me that he had never played with anyone before, my immediate response was one of delight. I told him that I consider it an honor to be somebody's first. We always remember the person who gives us an intense first experience, and I could tell already that because of our chemistry, we would have a mind blowing session.
I took my time, savoring every reaction I could draw from him. I started the session slowly, taking great care in examining his entire naked body. He had to be inspected thoroughly. I stood very close to him and ran my hands over his flesh, a little pinch here, a little slap there. He was very timid and very nervous. I could tell by his trembling, sweaty hands. To calm him, I whispered in his ear that he was a gorgeous specimen, and he passed inspection just fine. This seemed to relax him a bit and also caused him to get an enormous erection!
Well, I just couldn't let that thing stick out like that so I brought out plenty of nylon cord and tied it tight against his lower abdomen. I first wrapped the cord around the base of the cock and balls, then did a little maneuver that separates the balls and pulls them away from the body. Then I tie some fancy designs on the shaft and secured it against the body with the cord wrapping around the waist, nice and secure. The skin gets pulled very taught and it is so much fun to apply various sensations to it. I love the way the delicate skin feels beneath my fingers as I stroke, mash, tickle, squeeze, and slap. As the sensations grew stronger, my new boy fell deeper into my control. I did not let up for a long time, I very patiently tortured him to the point of reducing him to a weepy, drippy, on the verge of cumming, pathetic little sissy, which was exactly what he wanted to be. Our session continued into a full on sissy, cuckold, humiliation, scenario with him receiving blow job lessons.
What really impressed me about this submissive man was his complete willingness to surrender to me, even though he was scared. It turned me on to see him so vulnerable and to give himself to me and to trust that I would not actually harm him. Hurt him, yes, over and over, but harm him, no.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thunder in the Mountains

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the fabulous Thunder in the Mountains BDSM conference in Denver. I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire time. The instructors were top notch and the play parties were seriously intense. It just feels so damn good to be in a huge room filled with people engaged in various expressions of beautiful sadomasochism. I was blown away by many of the scenes I witnessed and I also participated in a few myself. I learned a lot of new ways to torture people in the classes, and I also learned a lot about my own motivations through some very thought provoking lectures.

Here are a few highlights:

Class on erotic role play that culminated in a beautiful girl masturbating on stage as part of a "sex research" experiment, after she had clothespins removed from her breasts with a bullwhip.

Tying up the bell boy for a tickle session in my room. He was a curious observer of many fetish attired people and he knew that it was an SM convention. He wanted part of the action and somehow he knew to ask me as he was bringing my luggage to the room! Since he was cute, naturally I acquiesced to his request. I do so love providing first experiences to people.

Many, many, intense scenes of all sorts happening all at once in a gigantic room. At one point I stood in the middle of it all and just watched. All I had to do was turn slightly to see one incredible sight after another. I made a complete 360 rotation and was literally surrounded by visions of sadomasochistic horror or delight depending on how you choose to view it.

Hard rope bondage scene that had my sub writhing in agony as I drove the spike heel of my shoe into different pressure points on his body. He suffered the humiliation of being powerless under my rope and forced to perform oral sex on my shoe heel as the onlookers watched intently. And to make matters worse for him, I clubbed him mercilessly with my new bamboo club and covered his ass with bruises for all to see.

Purchase of fun new fetish outfit. Very stretchy, very shiny, royal blue corset style top and matching mini skirt with black lacing going up each thigh.

Making new friends and visiting with old ones.

These are just a few of the highlights of my weekend. I love my life!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Hello to my dear ones, you know who you are.....Today's activity will require your utmost concentration. Through the power of my words, you will be transported into my mad realm, where things are not always as they seem and where the ordinary rules of logic do not apply. A place where I make the rules, which may or may not make sense to you, but always make perfect sense to me. I see you there, kneeling at my feet, hands on either side of my proffered foot, forehead lightly touching my shoe. I know your thoughts are spinning, and you are not yet in the serene space. I will soon take care of that. I wiggle my foot, which you know is my signal for you to kneel up and await my command. I allow you to sit in the little slave chair. Now you must listen very carefully to the sound of my voice, as you sit there, breathing softly, aware of my presence, the soft music, the faint scent of the candles burning. Your eyes are cast down, looking at your own hands as they lay in your lap. You may be wondering what I have in store for you and you may be wondering if you will be able to endure, and I tell you that you must relax now and listen carefully because you are mine and I will mold you into the shape that I want. You feel yourself getting heavy as your muscles relax, you're having a hard time keeping your eyes open, you cease trying to keep them open, you feel so, so, deeply relaxed, listening to my voice, the tone, the rhythm, lulling you into a deeply receptive state, a very pleasant dream, now I will be giving you some suggestions that really are commands and you will perform them instantaneously and find it very curious that you are not resisting even the most humiliating or silly of these tasks. As long as you follow my voice, you will please me, and as long as you follow my commands perfectly, you will be perfect, perfect in your servitude, perfect in your willingness, perfect in your submission, perfect in every little hypno-slut.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Now that I have had plenty of time to enter back into my ordinary life, I would like to reminisce about the amazing four days I spent in another world called Shibaricon.
Imagine over four hundred people all gathered together to celebrate, experience, learn about, and appreciate their love of rope bondage. Every class I attended was informative and enjoyable and the three play parties were feasts of delight. What struck me the most about the whole thing was the atmosphere of openness and camaraderie. Everyone just seemed so relaxed and easy going. This kind of general attitude lent itself to a huge and remarkably easy "pick-up" scene. It was so easy to make connections with potential play partners. I found myself with a wide array of choices! The beauty of it was the ease in which people would go from partner to partner with no sting of rejection. With so many people wanting to play, it seemed there were plenty of opportunities for all.
Another cool thing was how many people were switching roles. Top or bottom, whatever a person felt like doing was encouraged. In one of the classes, I put rope on a guy who is usually the one doing the tying. He enjoyed feeling the constriction and the caress of the rope. Later, I too enjoyed receiving the caress of his rope in a full Kinbaku style suspension. When it comes to rope, I truly enjoy both sides of the equation. I also found many luscious victims to tie, tease, and torment. I taught a few boys the meaning of total surrender to Akume!
I came home from the conference with a renewed sense of determination to increase my rope skills and to create more bondage scenes to savor and enjoy. I bought a new set of hemp rope.
Four pieces of 30 ft. 8mm, four pieces of 30 ft. 6mm, and two pieces of 30 ft. 4mm (for detail work). This new rope is very dense, a little stiff, and very "bitey". It stays put, wherever I apply it. It just doesn't budge--like bonds of steel. I also purchased a 40 ft. piece of very pretty, soft, lilac colored nylon rope with the intention of dressing a pretty girl in a karada with it. To round out my purchase I selected several strands of thin nylon rope in a variety of festive colors for CBT.
I am now inspired to dominate my chosen ones using all of my pretty new rope with increased rigor!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Seductive Death

I just finished reading Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut, a very thought provoking story set in the future. The story contained some very interesting characters called Suicide Hostesses. Their job is to assist suicide because of overpopulation. They exude sex appeal. The story is set in a completely sexually repressed world where sex equals death. The women are described as being over six feet tall, with advanced degrees in nursing and psychology. They wear purple body stockings, heavy eye make-up, and black boots. They are very tough. Their art is to put a person "to sleep" before they change their mind. The person must ask for the lethal injection and can change their mind and walk out at any moment. The hostess keeps them there until they ask for the shot, then she delivers it. Wow, seductive death delivered by a sexy woman who overpowers you. She convinces you that you want to die, and you must ask for it!
It was an interesting story in many ways. The government sanctioned sexual repression of the masses, the use of women to coax people with their feminine and erotic power as a tool by the government to reduce the population, and the image of the hostesses performing their duty made for an excellent read. In a world where everything is turned around and unnatural, why not use feminine allure for population reduction rather than reproduction.
The art of seduction is to make somebody believe that they want something, be it an object, an experience, or a person. A willing subject will allow his desires to be dictated to him. "You will want what I tell you to want". The seductress simply convinces the victim that whatever is in her best interest is also in the best interest of the seduced. Within a consensual D/S context, I would never dream of wanting somebody to harm themselves, I would rather convince them that through their willingness to submit to me and make me happy, they will find happiness as well.
I have the boots.
I have the heavy eye make up.
Now I need the purple body stocking and a willing victim!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Foot Pleasure

When a pleasure slave has pleased me, a nice reward is to allow his lips and tongue to pleasure my feet. They are very sensitive and when the foot licking is done properly, I feel my entire body respond to it. There is a special spot right in the middle of my foot, just below the ball, that feels like it is connected directly to my clit. I discovered this by accident, I once had a girlfriend of mine come over to watch the movie Secretary. As we sat side by side on the couch, we thought it would be relaxing to massage each others feet while watching the video. I noticed that she would shudder and gasp when I rubbed that special spot on her foot. It responded to very light feathery touches and also to deep pressure from my thumb. She did the same thing to my foot and we had this amazing back and forth pleasure circuit created by the sensations we each felt and simultaneously gave each other. We didn't say a word, we just kept watching the movie, pleasuring each other in this way. I would hear her breathing change and soft little moans escape her lips, then I would change what I was doing lest she cum too soon. She would get the same responses out of me. We teased each other like this for a long time, absently watching the movie. Every so often, she would fall over the brink and have a nice little tremble as her pussy clenched. I don't know how many times we rode that orgasmic wave together, but I do remember how great it felt to discover yet another erotic response we are capable of.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hide The Eggs

The boy knelt before me, his gaze lowered, waiting for my command. I had just finished a nice flogging on his upper back and buttocks, the red flesh still hot to the touch. I was out of breath and needed to rest a bit. Of course, there would be no rest for him, not yet.
"Now boy, hop on over there and fetch my drink. Hop Hop Hop, that's right, hop just like a little bunny. You are my Easter bunny. Do you have some eggs for me? "
He seemed confused by my question. He remained silent.
"Answer me!"
"Yes, ma'm" He answered in a small voice.
After he hopped over and served me the drink, I had him stand in front of me. I informed him that we were going to play a special game called Hide the Eggs, after all, isn't that what Easter bunnies do? Hide eggs? I tied a cord around his waist and used it to also tie up his cock so that it lay pointing up towards his navel, exposing his "eggs". I then proceeded to have great fun using a variety of torments on the cock and balls. Each unique sensation would cause a different reaction, sometimes the testicle tries to "hide" and retreats into the body. Each time I introduced something new, I would get a thrill out of watching his facial expressions change. I made him watch what I was doing and half of the fun was building the anticipation. A light stroking of his inner thigh produced some very interesting changes in his male equipment. After awhile, he earned a nice rest, and he snuggled up to me as my cute cuddle bunny.
I must admit that I find male genitals quite fascinating. The way they are constantly changing, the loveliness of the skin, the amazing many things, but that is another post.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Teachers Pet

Oh my goodness, it seems a certain somebody has been caught looking up teacher’s skirt! My, my, did you think that I didn’t notice your roving eyes zeroing in on my crotch as I crossed my legs? You are a very naughty boy for trying to see up my skirt. And now you will be punished for your misbehavior. One hundred times, you will write on the board “I will not look up teacher’s skirt.” While you do this, you will be thinking of how ashamed you should be of yourself, imaging what it must look like under there, what color my panties are and maybe even that I am not wearing any! I know you have been secretly thinking of how you wished you could be my special teachers pet. I have seen you watching me and squirming in your seat. I know what goes on in your dirty little mind. That is why you must be punished, you dirty little boy. As soon as you have finished writing those sentences on the chalkboard, you are going to stand in front of my desk and bend over. Pull those britches down! That’s right, I am going to swat you with my yardstick until I feel satisfied that you have been properly disciplined. You must remember that this is for your own good. Twenty swats…thwap, now hold still, thwap, on and on, your butt is stinging like crazy. I know it hurts, and its good if you cry, just let those tears flow…that’s my good little pet. Now pull yourself together , pull your pants up and wipe those tears away. Teacher has a job for you, clean off all the chalkboards in the classroom, and remember the lesson you learned today.

Six word memoir

Here you go Dsan and Kuuyri:

Lazy smile hides secret sexy world.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sissy Masturbation Report

Oh my goodness, have you been playing with that swollen dick/ clit of yours too much lately? If its true that you feel as though you have energy for little else... then it seems to me that your have been rubbing your pussy way too often! I know it feels sooo goood to play with it, and I understand that oversexed girls such as yourself cant keep your fingers away, but I must insist that you practice some self control. You are such a slut! such a naughty, horny little slut! Tell me the truth, how often do you make yourself cum? I need to know because its about time for you to learn how to control it. If you had your way, you would probably be having one cunt tinuous nonstop orgasm that never ends, but life is more than that, understand? You have duties and obligations to fulfill. The first of which is to make your Mistress happy. You do want to make your Mistress happy, right? You can start right now by writing a report describing how many times a week you cum and describing how you do it. I also want to know what goes on in that pretty little head of yours when you are being nasty with yourself. I will need this information to ascertain the level of control that you must be placed on. Take your time writing this report. Make sure that you communicate well, and above all, be completely honest with me. If I find out that you fibbed, you will have hell to pay and that sweet little flesh of your nether regions will be hurting so bad, you would wish that you had never thought to deceive me in any way. Now be a good girl and write an excellent report, and if you must take time out to finger yourself, make sure you lick your fingers clean, and include it in the report. It may be your only chance to cum in awhile. I will most likely be imposing restrictions that must be adhered to, or else...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dinner Date

He rang the doorbell at exactly seven o'clock, the time I specified. I opened the door to see a meticulously groomed man, smiling sweetly at me. He handed me a sprig of yellow and orange lilies. Very nice. I took the flowers and placed them in a vase. He stood nervously waiting there in the entryway. Tonight he would be taking me to dinner, one of the many ways I allow him to pamper me. I grabbed my wrap and my purse and headed towards him. Ready? Before we stepped outside the door, I reached over and pinched one of his nipples through his shirt. He made a cute little noise, one of surprise mixed with pain. I like that sound. As he drove, we made conversation about the jazz music playing and how sexy it sounded. I relaxed into the leather seat and felt so very grateful to be in the company of a gentleman who understood and greatly appreciated my perverse sexuality. My thoughts turned to how I would torture him later that night. Rope. Chopsticks. Rubber gloves. Stainless steel. So many wicked ideas. After a few moments lost in thought, suddenly I blurted out to him, "I am going to hurt you tonight! REALLY hurt you." When I said those words, I felt my heart quicken and a wonderful sensation flow into my nether regions. Upon hearing this, his eyes opened wide and he swallowed hard. "As you wish, Mistress."

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Le ravissment de Psyche

I love this painting!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Love of Latex

He stood before me, a little shy, looking down at the case he carried. What's inside? Show me what you have inside of your private little box, your private little mind. What kind of perverse items hold the key to unlocking your erotic inhibitions? Lay them out for me to inspect, you know you can hide nothing from me. I watched as he laid out the items in front of me, a scary looking black latex mask with zippers in front of the eyes and mouth, some latex panties, and a very interesting latex garment. It had an inflatable penis shaped butt plug and a sleeve in the front for his cock to rest inside.
Oh my! Those are some very sexy things, if you are a good boy, I might let you model them for me.
He thanked me and then I proceeded to sadistically make him earn the right to wear those interesting garments. After I finished my painful ministrations, I gave him some special lube used for latex....he had never used this before, and was grateful. The feel of the smooth slick material is quite unique, especially when felt in the most delicate places of the body. He donned the garment, with everything in its proper place. I grabbed the rubber inflation bulb (like on a blood pressure cuff) and gave a couple of quick hard squeezes. He gasped from the pressure filling him up. A few more squeezes had him really panting. Then I had a wicked idea. Sifting through my closet, I came out with a rubber inflatable sleeve for his already sheathed cock to slide inside. With an inflation bulb in each hand, I had him on all fours as I alternately pumped and released the pressure. I had him rocking back and forth, back and forth, relentlessly and mercilessly he was fucking and being fucked at the same time by his beloved latex. Ahh yes, latex feels good.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Toe sucking slut

Oh how I love the foot worshipper! It gives me a tremendous sense of power to tease and torment with my feet. The submissive must first earn the priviledge of touching my feet by enduring my painful ministrations first. If he is a good boy and takes his suffering well, I will reward him with the chance to feel my feet with his fingers and his tongue and lips. I will rest my feet on his face and allow him to pleasure me with his mouth and tongue. He will suck my big toe with all of the strength anf suction he can muster. I love a good toe sucking. SUCK IT!! I shout. SUCK IT GOOD my little toe sucking slut!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


In everyday mundane life, I believe in treating all humans with basic respect, however in the shadow world of Akume, where I make all of the rules, and I am the supreme being, men must kneel before me and prove their worthiness.
It is so refreshing when a man requests information on how to earn my respect. There are so few who ask and even fewer who actually deserve it. Most men do not even deserve to be in my presence, although unfortunately I must encounter these boorish brutes in my everyday life. I simply look right through them, as if they do not exist, because they do not even deserve to be acknowledged by me. If you are seeking a dominatrix, then happily, you do not fall into the aforementioned category of men. You, my dear fall into the most desirable category of all, the submissive male. You are one of the rare breed who understands that I must be worshipped as the sex goddess that I am. How might you earn my respect? Well, since my respect is not given easily, you must try very hard to always obey me, cheerfully and to the best of your ability. Sometimes I am hard to please, and I do tend to demand perfection, after all, I deserve it. Those who show exceptional quality in their ability to please gain favor from me. They will be shown greater affection and may even be rewarded with special privileges. I expect total submission from you, whether it is just holding still and looking pretty while you are tied up, or vigorously sucking my silicone cock, you are going to have to endure treatment that may leave you embarrassed or confused. As long as I am getting what I want, you will continue to exist in my favorite category of men.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Swirling energy

I feel the energy rise, almost palpable, a living force, growing inside of me. It continues to strengthen, emanating from my core. If I do not contain it, it reaches out to others and spirals around them. They suddenly have a strange impulse, a strong desire to please and obey me. They may wonder where this impulse came from and why it is so strong. I feel this energy pouring out of my pores. There is a shining core inside of me, golden and warm, brilliant and strong. I feel it most when I am indulging in my favorite pastime, the domination of my chosen ones. It is a forbidden pastime, not for the weak. It involves the shadow side, the part of me that lay dormant for so long, gathering strength. When I uncovered it, it burst forth with an insatiable hunger, this shadow side, this side that all of you submissive men can understand and respond to. It is the part of me that gets enormous amounts of pleasure from your pain and your willingness to endure and to please me. I have discovered a wonderful world filled with passion, adventure, excitement, catharsis, beauty, peace, and raw power. This energy core gathering strength inside of me is your liberator, LIBERATING you from your LIMITATIONS. Explore your inner core. I will be your guide.