Saturday, January 26, 2008

Toe sucking slut

Oh how I love the foot worshipper! It gives me a tremendous sense of power to tease and torment with my feet. The submissive must first earn the priviledge of touching my feet by enduring my painful ministrations first. If he is a good boy and takes his suffering well, I will reward him with the chance to feel my feet with his fingers and his tongue and lips. I will rest my feet on his face and allow him to pleasure me with his mouth and tongue. He will suck my big toe with all of the strength anf suction he can muster. I love a good toe sucking. SUCK IT!! I shout. SUCK IT GOOD my little toe sucking slut!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


In everyday mundane life, I believe in treating all humans with basic respect, however in the shadow world of Akume, where I make all of the rules, and I am the supreme being, men must kneel before me and prove their worthiness.
It is so refreshing when a man requests information on how to earn my respect. There are so few who ask and even fewer who actually deserve it. Most men do not even deserve to be in my presence, although unfortunately I must encounter these boorish brutes in my everyday life. I simply look right through them, as if they do not exist, because they do not even deserve to be acknowledged by me. If you are seeking a dominatrix, then happily, you do not fall into the aforementioned category of men. You, my dear fall into the most desirable category of all, the submissive male. You are one of the rare breed who understands that I must be worshipped as the sex goddess that I am. How might you earn my respect? Well, since my respect is not given easily, you must try very hard to always obey me, cheerfully and to the best of your ability. Sometimes I am hard to please, and I do tend to demand perfection, after all, I deserve it. Those who show exceptional quality in their ability to please gain favor from me. They will be shown greater affection and may even be rewarded with special privileges. I expect total submission from you, whether it is just holding still and looking pretty while you are tied up, or vigorously sucking my silicone cock, you are going to have to endure treatment that may leave you embarrassed or confused. As long as I am getting what I want, you will continue to exist in my favorite category of men.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Swirling energy

I feel the energy rise, almost palpable, a living force, growing inside of me. It continues to strengthen, emanating from my core. If I do not contain it, it reaches out to others and spirals around them. They suddenly have a strange impulse, a strong desire to please and obey me. They may wonder where this impulse came from and why it is so strong. I feel this energy pouring out of my pores. There is a shining core inside of me, golden and warm, brilliant and strong. I feel it most when I am indulging in my favorite pastime, the domination of my chosen ones. It is a forbidden pastime, not for the weak. It involves the shadow side, the part of me that lay dormant for so long, gathering strength. When I uncovered it, it burst forth with an insatiable hunger, this shadow side, this side that all of you submissive men can understand and respond to. It is the part of me that gets enormous amounts of pleasure from your pain and your willingness to endure and to please me. I have discovered a wonderful world filled with passion, adventure, excitement, catharsis, beauty, peace, and raw power. This energy core gathering strength inside of me is your liberator, LIBERATING you from your LIMITATIONS. Explore your inner core. I will be your guide.