Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hide The Eggs

The boy knelt before me, his gaze lowered, waiting for my command. I had just finished a nice flogging on his upper back and buttocks, the red flesh still hot to the touch. I was out of breath and needed to rest a bit. Of course, there would be no rest for him, not yet.
"Now boy, hop on over there and fetch my drink. Hop Hop Hop, that's right, hop just like a little bunny. You are my Easter bunny. Do you have some eggs for me? "
He seemed confused by my question. He remained silent.
"Answer me!"
"Yes, ma'm" He answered in a small voice.
After he hopped over and served me the drink, I had him stand in front of me. I informed him that we were going to play a special game called Hide the Eggs, after all, isn't that what Easter bunnies do? Hide eggs? I tied a cord around his waist and used it to also tie up his cock so that it lay pointing up towards his navel, exposing his "eggs". I then proceeded to have great fun using a variety of torments on the cock and balls. Each unique sensation would cause a different reaction, sometimes the testicle tries to "hide" and retreats into the body. Each time I introduced something new, I would get a thrill out of watching his facial expressions change. I made him watch what I was doing and half of the fun was building the anticipation. A light stroking of his inner thigh produced some very interesting changes in his male equipment. After awhile, he earned a nice rest, and he snuggled up to me as my cute cuddle bunny.
I must admit that I find male genitals quite fascinating. The way they are constantly changing, the loveliness of the skin, the amazing many things, but that is another post.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Teachers Pet

Oh my goodness, it seems a certain somebody has been caught looking up teacher’s skirt! My, my, did you think that I didn’t notice your roving eyes zeroing in on my crotch as I crossed my legs? You are a very naughty boy for trying to see up my skirt. And now you will be punished for your misbehavior. One hundred times, you will write on the board “I will not look up teacher’s skirt.” While you do this, you will be thinking of how ashamed you should be of yourself, imaging what it must look like under there, what color my panties are and maybe even that I am not wearing any! I know you have been secretly thinking of how you wished you could be my special teachers pet. I have seen you watching me and squirming in your seat. I know what goes on in your dirty little mind. That is why you must be punished, you dirty little boy. As soon as you have finished writing those sentences on the chalkboard, you are going to stand in front of my desk and bend over. Pull those britches down! That’s right, I am going to swat you with my yardstick until I feel satisfied that you have been properly disciplined. You must remember that this is for your own good. Twenty swats…thwap, now hold still, thwap, on and on, your butt is stinging like crazy. I know it hurts, and its good if you cry, just let those tears flow…that’s my good little pet. Now pull yourself together , pull your pants up and wipe those tears away. Teacher has a job for you, clean off all the chalkboards in the classroom, and remember the lesson you learned today.

Six word memoir

Here you go Dsan and Kuuyri:

Lazy smile hides secret sexy world.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sissy Masturbation Report

Oh my goodness, have you been playing with that swollen dick/ clit of yours too much lately? If its true that you feel as though you have energy for little else... then it seems to me that your have been rubbing your pussy way too often! I know it feels sooo goood to play with it, and I understand that oversexed girls such as yourself cant keep your fingers away, but I must insist that you practice some self control. You are such a slut! such a naughty, horny little slut! Tell me the truth, how often do you make yourself cum? I need to know because its about time for you to learn how to control it. If you had your way, you would probably be having one cunt tinuous nonstop orgasm that never ends, but life is more than that, understand? You have duties and obligations to fulfill. The first of which is to make your Mistress happy. You do want to make your Mistress happy, right? You can start right now by writing a report describing how many times a week you cum and describing how you do it. I also want to know what goes on in that pretty little head of yours when you are being nasty with yourself. I will need this information to ascertain the level of control that you must be placed on. Take your time writing this report. Make sure that you communicate well, and above all, be completely honest with me. If I find out that you fibbed, you will have hell to pay and that sweet little flesh of your nether regions will be hurting so bad, you would wish that you had never thought to deceive me in any way. Now be a good girl and write an excellent report, and if you must take time out to finger yourself, make sure you lick your fingers clean, and include it in the report. It may be your only chance to cum in awhile. I will most likely be imposing restrictions that must be adhered to, or else...