Saturday, May 17, 2008

Seductive Death

I just finished reading Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut, a very thought provoking story set in the future. The story contained some very interesting characters called Suicide Hostesses. Their job is to assist suicide because of overpopulation. They exude sex appeal. The story is set in a completely sexually repressed world where sex equals death. The women are described as being over six feet tall, with advanced degrees in nursing and psychology. They wear purple body stockings, heavy eye make-up, and black boots. They are very tough. Their art is to put a person "to sleep" before they change their mind. The person must ask for the lethal injection and can change their mind and walk out at any moment. The hostess keeps them there until they ask for the shot, then she delivers it. Wow, seductive death delivered by a sexy woman who overpowers you. She convinces you that you want to die, and you must ask for it!
It was an interesting story in many ways. The government sanctioned sexual repression of the masses, the use of women to coax people with their feminine and erotic power as a tool by the government to reduce the population, and the image of the hostesses performing their duty made for an excellent read. In a world where everything is turned around and unnatural, why not use feminine allure for population reduction rather than reproduction.
The art of seduction is to make somebody believe that they want something, be it an object, an experience, or a person. A willing subject will allow his desires to be dictated to him. "You will want what I tell you to want". The seductress simply convinces the victim that whatever is in her best interest is also in the best interest of the seduced. Within a consensual D/S context, I would never dream of wanting somebody to harm themselves, I would rather convince them that through their willingness to submit to me and make me happy, they will find happiness as well.
I have the boots.
I have the heavy eye make up.
Now I need the purple body stocking and a willing victim!