Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Now that I have had plenty of time to enter back into my ordinary life, I would like to reminisce about the amazing four days I spent in another world called Shibaricon.
Imagine over four hundred people all gathered together to celebrate, experience, learn about, and appreciate their love of rope bondage. Every class I attended was informative and enjoyable and the three play parties were feasts of delight. What struck me the most about the whole thing was the atmosphere of openness and camaraderie. Everyone just seemed so relaxed and easy going. This kind of general attitude lent itself to a huge and remarkably easy "pick-up" scene. It was so easy to make connections with potential play partners. I found myself with a wide array of choices! The beauty of it was the ease in which people would go from partner to partner with no sting of rejection. With so many people wanting to play, it seemed there were plenty of opportunities for all.
Another cool thing was how many people were switching roles. Top or bottom, whatever a person felt like doing was encouraged. In one of the classes, I put rope on a guy who is usually the one doing the tying. He enjoyed feeling the constriction and the caress of the rope. Later, I too enjoyed receiving the caress of his rope in a full Kinbaku style suspension. When it comes to rope, I truly enjoy both sides of the equation. I also found many luscious victims to tie, tease, and torment. I taught a few boys the meaning of total surrender to Akume!
I came home from the conference with a renewed sense of determination to increase my rope skills and to create more bondage scenes to savor and enjoy. I bought a new set of hemp rope.
Four pieces of 30 ft. 8mm, four pieces of 30 ft. 6mm, and two pieces of 30 ft. 4mm (for detail work). This new rope is very dense, a little stiff, and very "bitey". It stays put, wherever I apply it. It just doesn't budge--like bonds of steel. I also purchased a 40 ft. piece of very pretty, soft, lilac colored nylon rope with the intention of dressing a pretty girl in a karada with it. To round out my purchase I selected several strands of thin nylon rope in a variety of festive colors for CBT.
I am now inspired to dominate my chosen ones using all of my pretty new rope with increased rigor!