Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thunder in the Mountains

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the fabulous Thunder in the Mountains BDSM conference in Denver. I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire time. The instructors were top notch and the play parties were seriously intense. It just feels so damn good to be in a huge room filled with people engaged in various expressions of beautiful sadomasochism. I was blown away by many of the scenes I witnessed and I also participated in a few myself. I learned a lot of new ways to torture people in the classes, and I also learned a lot about my own motivations through some very thought provoking lectures.

Here are a few highlights:

Class on erotic role play that culminated in a beautiful girl masturbating on stage as part of a "sex research" experiment, after she had clothespins removed from her breasts with a bullwhip.

Tying up the bell boy for a tickle session in my room. He was a curious observer of many fetish attired people and he knew that it was an SM convention. He wanted part of the action and somehow he knew to ask me as he was bringing my luggage to the room! Since he was cute, naturally I acquiesced to his request. I do so love providing first experiences to people.

Many, many, intense scenes of all sorts happening all at once in a gigantic room. At one point I stood in the middle of it all and just watched. All I had to do was turn slightly to see one incredible sight after another. I made a complete 360 rotation and was literally surrounded by visions of sadomasochistic horror or delight depending on how you choose to view it.

Hard rope bondage scene that had my sub writhing in agony as I drove the spike heel of my shoe into different pressure points on his body. He suffered the humiliation of being powerless under my rope and forced to perform oral sex on my shoe heel as the onlookers watched intently. And to make matters worse for him, I clubbed him mercilessly with my new bamboo club and covered his ass with bruises for all to see.

Purchase of fun new fetish outfit. Very stretchy, very shiny, royal blue corset style top and matching mini skirt with black lacing going up each thigh.

Making new friends and visiting with old ones.

These are just a few of the highlights of my weekend. I love my life!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Hello to my dear ones, you know who you are.....Today's activity will require your utmost concentration. Through the power of my words, you will be transported into my mad realm, where things are not always as they seem and where the ordinary rules of logic do not apply. A place where I make the rules, which may or may not make sense to you, but always make perfect sense to me. I see you there, kneeling at my feet, hands on either side of my proffered foot, forehead lightly touching my shoe. I know your thoughts are spinning, and you are not yet in the serene space. I will soon take care of that. I wiggle my foot, which you know is my signal for you to kneel up and await my command. I allow you to sit in the little slave chair. Now you must listen very carefully to the sound of my voice, as you sit there, breathing softly, aware of my presence, the soft music, the faint scent of the candles burning. Your eyes are cast down, looking at your own hands as they lay in your lap. You may be wondering what I have in store for you and you may be wondering if you will be able to endure, and I tell you that you must relax now and listen carefully because you are mine and I will mold you into the shape that I want. You feel yourself getting heavy as your muscles relax, you're having a hard time keeping your eyes open, you cease trying to keep them open, you feel so, so, deeply relaxed, listening to my voice, the tone, the rhythm, lulling you into a deeply receptive state, a very pleasant dream, now I will be giving you some suggestions that really are commands and you will perform them instantaneously and find it very curious that you are not resisting even the most humiliating or silly of these tasks. As long as you follow my voice, you will please me, and as long as you follow my commands perfectly, you will be perfect, perfect in your servitude, perfect in your willingness, perfect in your submission, perfect in every little hypno-slut.