Saturday, September 27, 2008

CBT sissy

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to live out my fantasies on a variety of willing submissive men. It is an incredible feeling to connect with a person who meets me in that special world we share. The world of consensual kink, where the inner longings of the erotic mind are brought forth, examined, and gratified. Not everyone has the courage to go there. I am grateful to those men who come to me and open themselves to me, to take as I see fit. I take their hand and lead them into an experience that allows them to freely express their submissive nature. Plus, its just so damn arousing to me.
I had a client come to me recently who left quite an impression on me. During our initial meeting before our session time, he had admitted to me that I was the first person he had ever discussed his sexual fantasies with. He had always dreamed of the day when he would finally get the courage to live out one of his secret wishes. When he told me that he had never played with anyone before, my immediate response was one of delight. I told him that I consider it an honor to be somebody's first. We always remember the person who gives us an intense first experience, and I could tell already that because of our chemistry, we would have a mind blowing session.
I took my time, savoring every reaction I could draw from him. I started the session slowly, taking great care in examining his entire naked body. He had to be inspected thoroughly. I stood very close to him and ran my hands over his flesh, a little pinch here, a little slap there. He was very timid and very nervous. I could tell by his trembling, sweaty hands. To calm him, I whispered in his ear that he was a gorgeous specimen, and he passed inspection just fine. This seemed to relax him a bit and also caused him to get an enormous erection!
Well, I just couldn't let that thing stick out like that so I brought out plenty of nylon cord and tied it tight against his lower abdomen. I first wrapped the cord around the base of the cock and balls, then did a little maneuver that separates the balls and pulls them away from the body. Then I tie some fancy designs on the shaft and secured it against the body with the cord wrapping around the waist, nice and secure. The skin gets pulled very taught and it is so much fun to apply various sensations to it. I love the way the delicate skin feels beneath my fingers as I stroke, mash, tickle, squeeze, and slap. As the sensations grew stronger, my new boy fell deeper into my control. I did not let up for a long time, I very patiently tortured him to the point of reducing him to a weepy, drippy, on the verge of cumming, pathetic little sissy, which was exactly what he wanted to be. Our session continued into a full on sissy, cuckold, humiliation, scenario with him receiving blow job lessons.
What really impressed me about this submissive man was his complete willingness to surrender to me, even though he was scared. It turned me on to see him so vulnerable and to give himself to me and to trust that I would not actually harm him. Hurt him, yes, over and over, but harm him, no.