Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whip Mistress Extraordinaire

Here is a photo of my new whip.

I want to become a "Whip Mistress Extraordinaire".

I had the good fortune to receive a hand crafted lovely seven foot single tail whip from a whip enthusiast friend of mine. He gave me a lesson on the proper technique for throwing the whip and also taught me safety tips. I had no idea how amazing it feels to send the whip flying through the air and making it pop with a very loud crack. The cracking effect comes from the tip of the whip traveling faster than the speed of sound. He taught me what he called the circus crack. I hold the handle in a special way, my index finger pointing to my target, in the direction I send the whip, and the brunt of the handle in the palm of the hand. This way I have more control over where the whip is going. I can just point to my target and send all of that power directly to where I want it to go. And believe me, there is plenty of power pouring out of me and coursing down the length of that lovely strand. The sound it makes as I make it crack is so thrilling and loud! Over and over again, I flung it out in front of me and made it crack. After awhile, it felt so smooth and graceful. I really enjoyed the feeling I got when the throw would be perfect. This particular method will allow me to actually wrap the whip around someone with very minimal impact. I can make the whip snake around a person in a very sensuous manner. It can also cause a considerable amount of damage to a person if not handled correctly. The knot where the cracker is tied to the whip can act act like a little bullet. It travels with an incredible amount of speed. I will have to practice for quite some time before I attempt to whip a person.
I felt so empowered by my whip lesson. Afterwards I was all excited. My hands were trembling and I was experiencing this nice little rush. I have experienced this feeling before when shooting guns. It felt wonderful.
So, needles to say, I am very happy with my new found fascination. I relish the thought of the day when I can actually whip a man with my single tail. I know it will be profoundly delicious.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The hot art of Eric Stanton

I am blown away by this intense art. Just looking at these pictures turns me on so much. Eric Stanton really captures the essence of female erotic domination. I find these pictures more arousing than many of those slick, overproduced femdom porn sites one finds on the internet. Just thought I would share these with you, because they are so wonderful.