Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sweet Masochist

I recently had a very satisfying session with a sweet masochist. Its so nice when a prospective client shows through his emails a total willingness to surrender to me and experience the thrill of a real scene. I really appreciate the polite and respectful approach of a true gentleman. Beside his overall friendly manner, what made this particular person so endearing was the fact that he is a masochist and had no problem receiving marks on his body. I have ways of inflicting intense pain that leave no marks whatsoever, but it was refreshing to be able to use a variety of striking implements without worrying about the resulting evidence left behind on the flesh. Knowing this allowed me to punish him with complete abandon, which of course, REALLY gets my juices flowing. I love seeing the skin change color. The skin is the canvas, and I paint it with pain. I love running my fingers over the raised welts and feel the heat radiate from them. I love to laugh when I am feeling high and aroused, expressing my sadism.
I always like to hear feedback from my subs. Here are some of his thoughts, taken from a blog post he wrote about our time together.

She tells me to pick a number. I say three. I know I’m screwed when she laughs and says, “Thirty-three, wow, what a big number. Very well, Thirty-three it is.”
Mistress Akume is an aficionado of Japanese rope bondage. I am bound and placed face down on the floor.

Mistress Akume gets a flogger and warms up my already sore bottom. I am grateful for the warm up. Eventually though, it’s time for the punishment. I am instructed to count and thank Mistress Akume for each and every stroke. The first stoke comes down and my ass is on fire. I think that there is no way that I can possibly take another Thirty-two strokes. Another stroke explodes on my ass. Then another one lands.

Mistress Akume is bending down next to my ear and is speaking softly. “I gave you specific instructions about counting each stroke and thanking me. You have failed to do that. We will begin again at zero. I expect you to be able to follow directions.”

“Oh, yes Mistress,” I groan.

I promise you that I never forgot to count or thank Mistress Akume for a stroke. Not a single one was a light stroke. They were all delivered very harshly and very very hard. I made it through the entire punishment, but just barely. I used my “slow down” safe word, but not the “stop” safe word. I was and still am very proud of my performance and endurance. Mistress Akume seemed to like it also and said I was a true masochist. I take great pride in that statement, especially coming from her.

After my punishment, the session wound down. After Mistress Akume removed my collar we were able to relax and talk about the session. Mistress was very attentive and warm. I was a bundle of nerves, all hyped up and giddy on endorphins. I was marked quite a bit on my back and buttocks, and even though I was struck very hard and had welts risen, there was absolutely no blood drawn. The marks lasted a few days and disappeared. The thoughts of the punishment will never leave me.

Was it worth it? Oh hell yes. Completely. Without a doubt.

Want to see Mistress Akume? You have to promise to be sincere. Do not be a game player, and do not waste her time. She is a professional and will tailor the scene to the individual so what you may experience will probably be different from my experience. That’s half of the fun though, isn’t it? A little bit of mystery in the shadow world of Mistress Akume!