Friday, December 18, 2009

My new pants

I like my new pants. When I slipped them on, I realized that there was no possible way to avoid the dreaded VPL (visible panty line), so I did without panties altogether. Actually, I usually never wear underwear unless there is a good reason. Feeling sexy in a lacy thong is a good reason. Teasing a panty slut is another good reason.
I was feeling a bit playful when I donned my new pants before one of my boys came over. I thought it would be fun to make him crawl on the floor and kiss my ankles while I told him how I planned to use him for whip practice. I am in the process of developing my single tail skills and he would be perfect to practice on because of his willingness to surrender to me, even when he is afraid.
All went well. He dropped to his knees at the sight of me in my crazy pants and stiletto heels. While he was on the ground, I took the opportunity to kick him about a remind him that he was mine to use however I wanted. He was so grateful when I allowed him to kiss and pleasure my ankles before the whipping began.
I had him stand perfectly still in the middle of the room. He was under strict orders not to move a muscle. I then brought out one of my whips and flicked it hard, causing a very loud crack. He jumped. Of course, I had to punish him for that because he was told to hold perfectly still and he failed to do this! I alternated between cracking the whip and actually striking him with it. He tried hard not to flinch, but failed. I just had to keep whipping him until he stood still! He was so brave.
After the whipping, I rested my feet on him for awhile and told him how proud I was of him. Then I had him crawl to the bathtub for his reward.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Retro Bondage......yum

One of my slave boys made me very happy this evening. He presented me with a wonderful collection of bondage booklets from the sixties. I am just thrilled with them. He also gave me several black and white glossy original bondage photographs from what appears to be the fifties or early sixties. All of them are gorgeous. I love the lingerie, hair and make up styles and of course all of the tawdry stories. My favorite is the Truant Officer's Punishment. These little booklets are so raw and so very, very naughty.

The very volumes I posses now were probably hidden away in some husbands secret hiding spot, far from the innocent eyes of his decent and morally pure wife. If she only knew that her husband was a kinky pervert who dreamed of being tied up and tortured by an evil Mistress, she would no doubt sue for divorce. Or maybe not.....if she was clever, she might pretend that she never discovered his shameful treasure. Instead, she would study the materials and glean all that she could from them, studying and preparing for her grand move. Just when the mood was right, she would surprise him with a good old fashioned hog- tied spanking. She would then declare herself head of the household and enslave her husband, and they would live happily ever after.

Back in my other life, years ago when I used to be married, I would have been thrilled if my husband was capable of understanding or even accepting my kinky nature....but alas, his mind was closed shut to the delights of sadomasochism. He didn't deserve to have a woman like me!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beyond Vanilla / Torture Cage Scene

Last weekend I went to Dallas to attend the annual Beyond Vanilla conference. I had a marvelous time attending various classes on subjects I am very interested in, attended a play party, and managed to do some fetish shopping all in a frantic one and a half day time frame!

The first class I attended was all about how to get your human puppy to obey and be a good little doggy. There were several pups and their owners in this class, and I must say I was very impressed with how responsive the pups were to their handlers commands. At one point during the discussion, the puppies were allowed to go play and frolic on the padded floor set up specifically for this purpose. It was very amusing to watch them roughhousing on all fours, playing tug of war with rubber chew toys, bouncing around and generally behaving exactly as biological canines do. I enjoyed watching them so much! I like to do the same thing at the park when people bring their dogs to play and socialize. My puppy was with me, but he was a little too shy to participate. You see, our doggy play is really only done in private and is quite a bit more sexual than the innocent, silly shenanigans we were witnessing. I suspect their play was probably a lot more sexual in private as well. I did notice that one of the dogs could not seem to keep his nose out of his owners crotch. It was pretty cute to watch.

Some of the other classes I attended were: Marking Your Property, Genital Torture Techniques, Sensual Flogging, and Personality Types. I enjoyed the presentations and learned a few good new tricks. The wonderful thing about this lifestyle is that there is always more to learn and try.

Now, on to the play party. Dallas has an amazing dungeon called The Sanctuary. Back in times of old, criminals could find refuge (santcuary) in churches. Hidden away, they could seek atonement for their sins, and maybe even escape civil punishments. Well, for the miscreant that I brought to The Sanctuary, no such mercy existed. The first thing I noticed upon entering the dungeon was a creepy looking cage hanging on a chain from the ceiling. It was so "Spanish Inquisition". It looked similar to this:
It was a bit narrower, so I had to really stuff my slave boy inside. His six foot four frame was very cramped, and I am sure it must have felt extremely restrictive. The act of putting him inside of this cage piqued my imagination. From this point on, I became the vicious Madame Inquisitor, and it was my job to force my prisoner to confess that he was a HERETIC. He was put through a variety of "tests" to see whether or not he was indeed a blasphemous enemy of God. One of the tests involved vigorously rubbing the edge of a bamboo baton across the tender area of the sternum. At first he would not cry out, until the pain grew so intense, he yelped, thus proving his guilt. Every single test I administered proved his guilt.
I devised a way to push him even further into misery. I tied some of my rope to the cage and spun it around, winding the rope around the cage as I spun, like an old fashioned top. I then pulled the cord, causing the cage to spin really fast! I also set the cage swaying and spinning at the same time! Needless to say my slave was disoriented and ready to confess to anything! Round and round, spinning and turning, I just laughed and laughed.

Deep in subspace, my boy reverted to his early altar boy training.....he started to wail "Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa......Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti....mea culpa......"
His pleas increased my sadistic satisfaction. AAHHH yes, good Catholic guilt! I love it!
I placed a sign on my boy, that said:

Must be punished

Another Mistress took notice and took the opportunity to indulge in her own sadistic urges. By the time I showed mercy, and released him from the cage, he had to be lead around like a mindless zombie, because he lost all ability to think! Ha Ha ha ha

Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't Fuck With Officer Akume

Another prisoner was placed in my custody last night. He was brought to me because I have have special knowledge of how these type of criminals work. He had been caught in a public restroom engaging in obscene behavior. I could tell the minute I laid eyes on him that he was a pervert of the most despicable kind, I know I can spot them a mile away. Anyhow, the first thing I needed to make this pathetic creep realize is that he was in my world now, and the only law that matters is THE LAW OF AKUME. I placed him under arrest, but I did not read him his rights because prisoners have absolutely no rights whatsoever in my twisted realm. He would just have to take anything I decided to dish out. The first step was to have him strip for a full body inspection. I had him get in a really humiliating position and hold it as I roughly "inspected" him. His trembling legs and embarrassed blush just made me chuckle. He was reminded that he better never hide anything from me.
Then the questioning began. Over and over I asked the same questions until he gave me the answer I wanted. He was such a wimp. It did not take long for him to admit to his crime which happened to be self sodomy. I laughed out loud, a full belly laugh. Self sodomy!!! HAHA Even my prisoner started laughing a bit.
Then I slapped him hard across the face. It was swift and severe. I said, just because its funny does not mean its not serious. Self sodomy is listed in the Texas Penal Code as a crime against the whole state of Texas and Texas is a mighty big place. This got my guys attention and he wasn't smiling anymore. "Lucky for you" I said," I only enforce THE LAW OF AKUME. In my world, self sodomy is not illegal, so you won't be punished for that, however I know you are hiding more information from me!"

I had to rough him up a bit to get the information out of him. My boots are really sturdy and make for fabulous ass kicking. I got him down on the ground and kicked him good and hard as any self respecting cop would do. Over and over I kicked him in the same area until my leg got tired and his whimpering had started to annoy me. I had to take my rubber truncheon and give him several whacks to help him remember what his crimes were. Finally, I beat out a long list of offenses from him and they were all pretty gross!

Now, he will have to report to me, Officer Akume, on a regular basis to pay his debt to society!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Human Face Seat Cushion

Artwork by Namio Harukawa

A few years back, I had the opportunity to share one of my favorite kinks with some fellow party goers at a huge BDSM educational party. My submissive friend trigger and I presented a workshop titled "The Human Face Seat Cushion". We talked about the motivations behind the fetish and what the participants each get from engaging in it. I showed my technique for tying, and hurting the subject to put him in his place before using him as an object. I sat on him for some time and when I was sure he was in deep subspace, I invited several of the ladies in attendance to give it a try. Several took me up on the offer and we had a fun time talking and laughing and taking turns using him as a seat cushion.
Here is a photo of us from that night.

A boy came over today to be my face seat cushion, that's right, his face was my cushion, to sit on with my full weight. Usually a bit of mental and physical preparation helps to put a sub into the proper mindset to endure such a thing. Bondage and pain assist greatly in creating the mood. The problem was that he was not into pain, or bondage. Most boys easily submit to this type of thing, especially when tied down and roughed up a bit. This boy, however was not keen on the idea of accepting pain or restraint. It was his first time to experiment with visiting a Mistress and he was very timid and shy.

His fantasy was simple and beautiful....just to have his face used as a woman's seat. He wanted to try front sitting, reverse sitting, and full weight sitting.
Now, although I am a sadist, I still enjoy controlling men through other means. His desire to experience his fantasy made it very easy for me to order him about. I explained my rules to him and used his nervous energy to my advantage. I like it when they are scared, and trembling. I like it when their palms are sweaty. I like it when they have to be reminded to breathe.
Once I had the collar on him, I ordered him to strip. He was actually bashful about showing me his body! I found this very sweet. It made me want to overpower him even more. He was too embarrassed to take off his boxer shorts, poor shy sweet little I let him have his modesty.

I had on a flowing, knee length dress, silky, sheer, soft black panty hose, and four inch black stiletto pumps. I started the scene with some visual training. He had to fix his gaze on my shoes and legs as I asked him a series of very embarrassing questions. He admitted that he would see women like me and wish that he could be underneath their feet, under their dress. So, I had him crawl to me and I placed my dress over his head and let him stroke my pantyhose clad legs. He rested his head against me and it felt so nice.

Then it was time for the facesitting. I arranged some cushions on the floor and had the boy lay face up with the cushions on either side of his head. Then, I plopped down right on his face. I made sure that he could breathe, then I smothered him for awhile. I rubbed my butt cheeks on his face and he really liked this a lot. It was cute the way he would start to struggle when I cut off his breathing. When I grew tired of this game, I rested with my full weight on his face as I browsed through a magazine. My pantyhose had gotten moist from all of this activity, so I had my panty boy remove them. I rubbbed them all over his face and got him to admit that he loves the feel and smell of women's worn panties and pantyhose. I then reached into his boxers and tied his swollen cock and balls with the pantyhose and lead him crawling around the room a bit. I found it very amusing and arousing to pull him around like that. What followed after this was more of his face in my ass, among other amusements I will not mention. Then he earned himself a nice silky pair of pantyhose to take home.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Talk To Me

Talk to me. Tell me those things you could never tell another human being. Those deep longings that live inside of you. The erotic mind is a vast universe filled with anything you can dream up. I will go there with you. Share your inner landscape with me. Are there special places you would like to explore?

I love talking about all things sexual, all things kinky, all things having to do with domination and submission. I am fascinated by peoples sexual histories. I savor every detail. I love talking about all of my wild past experiences and about all of those things I have always dreamed of doing but have not yet had the opportunity.

I like to use my voice to weave a web around a person and take them into my control. Do not worry if you do not know what to say, I will guide you. You will answer my questions, and you will obey. Maybe there are some very naughty, nasty things that you know you want to do, but you need permission. Want to be my slave? Want to be my puppet? Want to be my slut? You can be whatever I want you to be, whatever you need to be, My submissive play thing. Shed your inhibitions, let's get off together. I can be in your bedroom with you with my voice, right there with you! I just love sex talk!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Extended Bondage Session

Too much of a good thing can be unbelievably, absolutely sublime! At least, this is what I have come to discover after experiencing the joys of "The Extended Bondage Session". I am not talking about an hour or two of light bondage, although this can be very good, I am talking about submitting somebody to hours and hours of heavy duty power exchange brought about by intense rope bondage.

I recently had the opportunity to play with a major rope slut who just melted under my rope. All I had to do was open my cabinet, take out a coil of rope and order him to give me his right hand. I could begin to see a change already come over him. I swiftly slipped the rope around his wrist in a handy little cuff I know, then I twisted his arm behind his back. He did not resist. I noticed that his breathing became very shallow as he started to get a bit nervous. I slid my hand behind his elbows and guided him down to his knees as I began wrapping the rope across his shoulder and chest forming my special harness that I designed just for men. A few more wraps with more rope and he became my prey. Digging my toe into certain muscles I giggled when he gasped in pain. I toyed with him awhile and when I grew tired of this, I tied his ankles together then attached them to the chest rope. I covered his face and darkened the room. While he was in this vulnerable, inescapable state, I gave him some time to float away for a bit, alone with his thoughts as I gazed at him from across the room. I had all day to play with him, and I did not want to peak too early. I decided that a little mental relaxation was in order and I used my voice and the power of hypnotic suggestion to send him down into a deep trance. He became even more compliant and I became even more sadistic as I put him through a variety of tortures. The energy was a palpable circuit that I could feel coursing back and forth through both of us. It felt incredible.

Although he did not voice it, I knew that the bondage was becoming harder to endure. I removed the rope and allowed him to stretch a bit. Then I switched gears and placed him on my spanking bench and secured him tightly with the attached straps. I grabbed my rubber truncheon and positioned myself facing his head. As I bent over him, aiming at his butt to start the beating, an amazing thing happened. I felt a wave of orgasmic pleasure wash over me with an intensity that was so strong it almost made me lose my concentration! Once I regained my composure I beat him mercilessly for quite some time, riding that pleasure wave.

All of this playing left me ravenous for raw fish. I affixed a simple arm binder that kept my sub's elbows behind his back, but still left his hands free to serve me. He did such a nice job, struggling to set everything out and serve me a proper lunch. To show my appreciation, I shoved a few pieces of sushi in his mouth as he sat on the floor at my feet. He would need his strength because I was not finished with him yet. Far from it. More hours of rope bondage followed, my partner drifting up and down, responding beautifully to all of it. I tied some more rope tightly on his body, then my nurturing side came out. I am not ALL evil, you know. I held him for awhile until we both came back down to earth.

The wonderful thing about playing like this all day long is that we were both able to experience a deep level of connection that left us spent and satisfied. And total satisfaction is something I rarely experience. Hooray for rope sluts and long sessions!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Electric Experiment

My submissive girl is such a treasure. She came over to visit me last week and we embarked on a space journey of sorts. What started out as a plain old Wednesday afternoon turned into a spacey adventure of the electric kind. Let me explain...

We were both in the mood to play, but I had not decided exactly what I wanted from my eager, sweet girl who can never say no to anything I want. Looking through my toys never fails to give me ideas, so I stood her in front of my special cabinet to show her my assortment of various goodies. There was one piece of equipment I had never shown her before, my violet wand. I could tell that she was very nervous about seeing this. She looked away and said she had always been afraid of those.

Well, that is just the kind of admission I like to hear before convincing somebody that the thing they are afraid of is the very thing that they really need. I always love to give submissives what they need, especially sweet willing ones who want to make me happy.

I started by darkening the room, all the better to see the pretty purple effects the wand makes. I ordered her to remove all of her clothes and placed cuffs around her wrists. I then secured her wrists over her head to the attachment points on the wall. Her breasts looked so inviting, I just had to take some time to fondle them. And fondle them I did, until I had her writhing and moaning. I decided to tease her a bit and withhold any further attention until she begged for it. I just stood there and admired her naked body, hands secured above her head.

Then she had to ask in the most polite way she could muster for me to please torture her with electricity. Well, now I was the one who could not say no! I ran the wand over her skin and watched the bulb crackle with purple light. When held very close to the skin, a little arc forms and it is just so pretty. Soon the air started to fill with the smell of ozone. I turned up the power. The wand makes a little buzzing sound. Every time she would hear the sound, she would brace herself for what was to come. I used a different attachment now, a neon candelabra bulb that glowed bright red. The powerful arc will burn the skin if left to linger to long. At this point I thought I would give her a rest and let her lie down on a special little pad. This pad attaches to the wand and allows the entire body to conduct electricity. I controlled the whole thing with a foot pedal thus allowing both of my hands to freely abuse her. It was so much fun to make her scream by using my little foil floggers and other festive little metallic toys.

To culminate the scene, I took the most evil attachment of all, a metal spike, and hooked it up to the wand. I explained to her that the spike would really hurt and had the potential to burn her flesh. She then very sweetly offered me the beautiful flesh of her left hip to do with as I pleased.

She made me very happy that afternoon. I am proud of her.

Later, she told me that she felt like she had been abducted by aliens and used for a weird electricity experiment. She had been rocketed into another world...the world of Akume.
Now I am inspired to put together a silver metallic costume complete with silver go- go boots to wear when I conduct my alien abductions.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What do I get out of it, you ask?

Artwork by Soft Sub

Someone asked me what I get from being a sadist/torturess. Sometimes I get nothing, and other times I experience complex, unbelievable mental states. When the conditions are right, it gives me an intense energy rush, a unique kind of euphoria. It is the feeling that I can accomplish anything, that I am almighty.

I enjoy the thrill of the forbidden. I like breaking taboos and pushing myself to the very edge of my comfort zone, and I also like pushing other people's comfort zones as well. Just the whole idea of inflicting pain on someone is really against everything I strive to be in my regular life. I consider myself a compassionate person and wouldn't dream of really harming anybody. But, when I am in my dominant mind space, and I can go there at will, I put aside the cultural/gender training I was raised with. Doing this feels incredibly good. Its my way of taking a little vacation from societal expectations.

I know it is only temporary. I know that I am not really an Evil Queen. Well, maybe in a past life!
There have been times when I felt myself going in too deep and I had to pull myself away. These games we play are dangerous, after all. That is why we negotiate, that is why we strive to be as safe as possible, that is why we play within agreed upon parameters. This allows me to be a terribly twisted, cruelly demented, task mistress, but only for that glorious time frame we set aside.

So, what do I get out of it? Pure, raw, delicious, gratifying, POWER!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Remembering Shibaricon 2009

Alas! I am back. Because of circumstances in my life involving some major transitions, I have neglected my dear blog readers! But, I am fine and well and all is as it should be. I shall be regaling you with tales of my adventures in the private universe I share with my kinky co-conspirators, as well as any passing thoughts I have concerning my explorations in erotic power exchange.

Recently, I had occasion to enjoy the company of some very talented rope experts. I spent a splendid weekend at the end of May attending Shibaricon, the huge rope bondage conference held in Chicago every year. This was my third time to partake of this amazing event, and as always, I was dazzled and inspired. I learned some new techniques and connected with some great people during the classes and at the play parties.

I attended a variety of classes, and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Some of my favorites were: Ecstatic Breath Worshop and Binding the Jewels with Suzanne Sxysadist (a phenomenal woman whom I worship!)
One Rope, Two Knots & Three Ties with Tony Buff & Derek da Silva(two totally hot dudes)
Microbondage with Morpheus (cool guy from Canada)
Manipulation of the Bound and Erotic Rope Domination with a side of pain with M.Yu (one of my favorite people on the planet)
Rope Torture as Spiritual Cleansing with Boss Bondage (one mean sadist but with a good heart)
I learned some new skills and had the opportunity to apply them right away.

I was very pleased to give three gentlemen attendees, who happen to be rope tops, their very first rope bottoming experience. It felt great to switch roles during one of the classes and practice rope with a guy who told me he was a dom, but had never used rope before. I was patient with him and his fifty foot piece of nylon rope. I let him tie me first, then I practiced on him a bit and he seemed to enjoy being on the receiving end with me using my hemp rope. Another guy I "helped" is a very talented fetish photogropher and it was an honor to put rope on him and to manipulate him while he was bound! The third guy was tuly amazing. We had originally planned to take turns practicing rope ties on each other. Once I had the rope on him, he seemed to be in a trance, and he just wanted me to keep on practicing on him. At that point, he definiely did not want to try learning the tie on me, he just wanted to enjoy being bound. He had such a wonderful energy emanting from him. I wanted more, so later that night, I had him as my guest at a little gathering in one of the hotel suites. I showed him what I learned in the Binding the Jewels class, and we participated in some other wicked and delightful amusements inovlving rope and the new toys I purchased earlier from the vendors area.

All in all, my Shibaricon experience was simply marvelous!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Akume's Obedience School for Bad Dogs and Petulant Puppies

With Spring in the air, and the resulting increase in rambunctious canine behaviors, it is time to begin a new session of obedience school for doggies of the human sort. Now I know that some of you may be scoffing at such a thing, but it has become apparent to me that there are way too many dirty dogs that simply have never been given proper training and have been allowed to get away with attitudes and actions that simply cannot be tolerated. Allowed to jump and paw, lick and sniff, and get overly excited is not the kind of display that will make a Mistress proud of her pet. He must learn that she is the owner and boss, and nothing is more important than making her happy.

I have worked with resistant, aggressive types and taught them to listen and obey my voice and hand signals. I have also helped the shy and timid become fun and frisky. I accomplish this through an unrelenting training program that uses both positive and negative consequences. Negative consequences include but are not limited to spanking, striking with various implements, with corrective admonitions given in a stern tone. Positive rewards include verbal praise, stroking, petting, and if a doggie is REALLY good, he could be allowed certain forbidden activities that I will not mention here.

With a little work, I have my charges performing tasks that they never had imagined they would enjoy before. I know, it may seem a bit humiliating, subjecting a human dog to the indignities of a rolled up newspaper, cage, food and water bowls, playing fetch with a rubber dildo, and playing all kinds of silly games, but his embarrassment is the fuel that powers my glee. In the fantasy world I inhabit, we can do anything I want.

Do you know of a nasty, dirty dog, who needs discipline?
Could it be you?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Rope Splendor

I love playing with rope. I use it as a tool for dominance. A bound person has no doubt about who is in charge. It all starts with the application of the rope. I like to take my time, slide the rope through my fingers, feel the familiar sensation of handling the bundle. I take the bight out of the coil and toss the rope, letting it uncoil as I prepare to place it on the body of my partner. Just touching the rope in this way starts my imagination flowing. I begin to think of a plan. Shall I tie his wrists first? In front of him, or behind his back? Shall I start by wrapping his chest first, leaving his hands free to serve me? Or should I just grab one of his hands, slip a loop over it, force him down to the floor and do a quick tie around the shoulder, behind the neck, around the next shoulder and back down to the other wrist, quickly, my knee pressing into his body. No, this time I will start slow, and very carefully tie his hands behind his back and continue with a chest harness, nice and snug.

I enjoy his reactions to my placement of the rope. I tug the rope to tighten it and he gasps softly. I run my fingers over it, smoothing it and evening out the tension. I feel his body give in to me with every wrap, every turn, every knot. He knows that the rope is an extension of me, my power, and my desire. Just for the sweetness of it, I have him get on his knees and bow down very low once I have finished the tie. A line is attached to the ceiling, so I can dangle him if I want to. The sight of him there, bound and willing, helpless before me is something I relish. AAhhhh yes, and now the teasing can begin!

After awhile I decide to amp things up a bit by applying still more rope. The foot makes such a delightful target when the ankle is wrapped and the line is attached to the ceiling. Its so cute how it wiggles and tries to escape. There is NO ESCAPE.

After a while I see the male member of my partner become very prominent, almost demanding attention from me. Well, just for that, I attached some thin cord to his thigh, bound the offending appendage very tight and forced it to stay in an upright position with the cord going around the throat which was pulsing with desire. What a pretty sight. I was inspired to preserve the moment on film for future viewing pleasure.