Monday, January 26, 2009

Rope Splendor

I love playing with rope. I use it as a tool for dominance. A bound person has no doubt about who is in charge. It all starts with the application of the rope. I like to take my time, slide the rope through my fingers, feel the familiar sensation of handling the bundle. I take the bight out of the coil and toss the rope, letting it uncoil as I prepare to place it on the body of my partner. Just touching the rope in this way starts my imagination flowing. I begin to think of a plan. Shall I tie his wrists first? In front of him, or behind his back? Shall I start by wrapping his chest first, leaving his hands free to serve me? Or should I just grab one of his hands, slip a loop over it, force him down to the floor and do a quick tie around the shoulder, behind the neck, around the next shoulder and back down to the other wrist, quickly, my knee pressing into his body. No, this time I will start slow, and very carefully tie his hands behind his back and continue with a chest harness, nice and snug.

I enjoy his reactions to my placement of the rope. I tug the rope to tighten it and he gasps softly. I run my fingers over it, smoothing it and evening out the tension. I feel his body give in to me with every wrap, every turn, every knot. He knows that the rope is an extension of me, my power, and my desire. Just for the sweetness of it, I have him get on his knees and bow down very low once I have finished the tie. A line is attached to the ceiling, so I can dangle him if I want to. The sight of him there, bound and willing, helpless before me is something I relish. AAhhhh yes, and now the teasing can begin!

After awhile I decide to amp things up a bit by applying still more rope. The foot makes such a delightful target when the ankle is wrapped and the line is attached to the ceiling. Its so cute how it wiggles and tries to escape. There is NO ESCAPE.

After a while I see the male member of my partner become very prominent, almost demanding attention from me. Well, just for that, I attached some thin cord to his thigh, bound the offending appendage very tight and forced it to stay in an upright position with the cord going around the throat which was pulsing with desire. What a pretty sight. I was inspired to preserve the moment on film for future viewing pleasure.