Monday, July 27, 2009

Extended Bondage Session

Too much of a good thing can be unbelievably, absolutely sublime! At least, this is what I have come to discover after experiencing the joys of "The Extended Bondage Session". I am not talking about an hour or two of light bondage, although this can be very good, I am talking about submitting somebody to hours and hours of heavy duty power exchange brought about by intense rope bondage.

I recently had the opportunity to play with a major rope slut who just melted under my rope. All I had to do was open my cabinet, take out a coil of rope and order him to give me his right hand. I could begin to see a change already come over him. I swiftly slipped the rope around his wrist in a handy little cuff I know, then I twisted his arm behind his back. He did not resist. I noticed that his breathing became very shallow as he started to get a bit nervous. I slid my hand behind his elbows and guided him down to his knees as I began wrapping the rope across his shoulder and chest forming my special harness that I designed just for men. A few more wraps with more rope and he became my prey. Digging my toe into certain muscles I giggled when he gasped in pain. I toyed with him awhile and when I grew tired of this, I tied his ankles together then attached them to the chest rope. I covered his face and darkened the room. While he was in this vulnerable, inescapable state, I gave him some time to float away for a bit, alone with his thoughts as I gazed at him from across the room. I had all day to play with him, and I did not want to peak too early. I decided that a little mental relaxation was in order and I used my voice and the power of hypnotic suggestion to send him down into a deep trance. He became even more compliant and I became even more sadistic as I put him through a variety of tortures. The energy was a palpable circuit that I could feel coursing back and forth through both of us. It felt incredible.

Although he did not voice it, I knew that the bondage was becoming harder to endure. I removed the rope and allowed him to stretch a bit. Then I switched gears and placed him on my spanking bench and secured him tightly with the attached straps. I grabbed my rubber truncheon and positioned myself facing his head. As I bent over him, aiming at his butt to start the beating, an amazing thing happened. I felt a wave of orgasmic pleasure wash over me with an intensity that was so strong it almost made me lose my concentration! Once I regained my composure I beat him mercilessly for quite some time, riding that pleasure wave.

All of this playing left me ravenous for raw fish. I affixed a simple arm binder that kept my sub's elbows behind his back, but still left his hands free to serve me. He did such a nice job, struggling to set everything out and serve me a proper lunch. To show my appreciation, I shoved a few pieces of sushi in his mouth as he sat on the floor at my feet. He would need his strength because I was not finished with him yet. Far from it. More hours of rope bondage followed, my partner drifting up and down, responding beautifully to all of it. I tied some more rope tightly on his body, then my nurturing side came out. I am not ALL evil, you know. I held him for awhile until we both came back down to earth.

The wonderful thing about playing like this all day long is that we were both able to experience a deep level of connection that left us spent and satisfied. And total satisfaction is something I rarely experience. Hooray for rope sluts and long sessions!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Electric Experiment

My submissive girl is such a treasure. She came over to visit me last week and we embarked on a space journey of sorts. What started out as a plain old Wednesday afternoon turned into a spacey adventure of the electric kind. Let me explain...

We were both in the mood to play, but I had not decided exactly what I wanted from my eager, sweet girl who can never say no to anything I want. Looking through my toys never fails to give me ideas, so I stood her in front of my special cabinet to show her my assortment of various goodies. There was one piece of equipment I had never shown her before, my violet wand. I could tell that she was very nervous about seeing this. She looked away and said she had always been afraid of those.

Well, that is just the kind of admission I like to hear before convincing somebody that the thing they are afraid of is the very thing that they really need. I always love to give submissives what they need, especially sweet willing ones who want to make me happy.

I started by darkening the room, all the better to see the pretty purple effects the wand makes. I ordered her to remove all of her clothes and placed cuffs around her wrists. I then secured her wrists over her head to the attachment points on the wall. Her breasts looked so inviting, I just had to take some time to fondle them. And fondle them I did, until I had her writhing and moaning. I decided to tease her a bit and withhold any further attention until she begged for it. I just stood there and admired her naked body, hands secured above her head.

Then she had to ask in the most polite way she could muster for me to please torture her with electricity. Well, now I was the one who could not say no! I ran the wand over her skin and watched the bulb crackle with purple light. When held very close to the skin, a little arc forms and it is just so pretty. Soon the air started to fill with the smell of ozone. I turned up the power. The wand makes a little buzzing sound. Every time she would hear the sound, she would brace herself for what was to come. I used a different attachment now, a neon candelabra bulb that glowed bright red. The powerful arc will burn the skin if left to linger to long. At this point I thought I would give her a rest and let her lie down on a special little pad. This pad attaches to the wand and allows the entire body to conduct electricity. I controlled the whole thing with a foot pedal thus allowing both of my hands to freely abuse her. It was so much fun to make her scream by using my little foil floggers and other festive little metallic toys.

To culminate the scene, I took the most evil attachment of all, a metal spike, and hooked it up to the wand. I explained to her that the spike would really hurt and had the potential to burn her flesh. She then very sweetly offered me the beautiful flesh of her left hip to do with as I pleased.

She made me very happy that afternoon. I am proud of her.

Later, she told me that she felt like she had been abducted by aliens and used for a weird electricity experiment. She had been rocketed into another world...the world of Akume.
Now I am inspired to put together a silver metallic costume complete with silver go- go boots to wear when I conduct my alien abductions.