Thursday, August 27, 2009

Human Face Seat Cushion

Artwork by Namio Harukawa

A few years back, I had the opportunity to share one of my favorite kinks with some fellow party goers at a huge BDSM educational party. My submissive friend trigger and I presented a workshop titled "The Human Face Seat Cushion". We talked about the motivations behind the fetish and what the participants each get from engaging in it. I showed my technique for tying, and hurting the subject to put him in his place before using him as an object. I sat on him for some time and when I was sure he was in deep subspace, I invited several of the ladies in attendance to give it a try. Several took me up on the offer and we had a fun time talking and laughing and taking turns using him as a seat cushion.
Here is a photo of us from that night.

A boy came over today to be my face seat cushion, that's right, his face was my cushion, to sit on with my full weight. Usually a bit of mental and physical preparation helps to put a sub into the proper mindset to endure such a thing. Bondage and pain assist greatly in creating the mood. The problem was that he was not into pain, or bondage. Most boys easily submit to this type of thing, especially when tied down and roughed up a bit. This boy, however was not keen on the idea of accepting pain or restraint. It was his first time to experiment with visiting a Mistress and he was very timid and shy.

His fantasy was simple and beautiful....just to have his face used as a woman's seat. He wanted to try front sitting, reverse sitting, and full weight sitting.
Now, although I am a sadist, I still enjoy controlling men through other means. His desire to experience his fantasy made it very easy for me to order him about. I explained my rules to him and used his nervous energy to my advantage. I like it when they are scared, and trembling. I like it when their palms are sweaty. I like it when they have to be reminded to breathe.
Once I had the collar on him, I ordered him to strip. He was actually bashful about showing me his body! I found this very sweet. It made me want to overpower him even more. He was too embarrassed to take off his boxer shorts, poor shy sweet little I let him have his modesty.

I had on a flowing, knee length dress, silky, sheer, soft black panty hose, and four inch black stiletto pumps. I started the scene with some visual training. He had to fix his gaze on my shoes and legs as I asked him a series of very embarrassing questions. He admitted that he would see women like me and wish that he could be underneath their feet, under their dress. So, I had him crawl to me and I placed my dress over his head and let him stroke my pantyhose clad legs. He rested his head against me and it felt so nice.

Then it was time for the facesitting. I arranged some cushions on the floor and had the boy lay face up with the cushions on either side of his head. Then, I plopped down right on his face. I made sure that he could breathe, then I smothered him for awhile. I rubbed my butt cheeks on his face and he really liked this a lot. It was cute the way he would start to struggle when I cut off his breathing. When I grew tired of this game, I rested with my full weight on his face as I browsed through a magazine. My pantyhose had gotten moist from all of this activity, so I had my panty boy remove them. I rubbbed them all over his face and got him to admit that he loves the feel and smell of women's worn panties and pantyhose. I then reached into his boxers and tied his swollen cock and balls with the pantyhose and lead him crawling around the room a bit. I found it very amusing and arousing to pull him around like that. What followed after this was more of his face in my ass, among other amusements I will not mention. Then he earned himself a nice silky pair of pantyhose to take home.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Talk To Me

Talk to me. Tell me those things you could never tell another human being. Those deep longings that live inside of you. The erotic mind is a vast universe filled with anything you can dream up. I will go there with you. Share your inner landscape with me. Are there special places you would like to explore?

I love talking about all things sexual, all things kinky, all things having to do with domination and submission. I am fascinated by peoples sexual histories. I savor every detail. I love talking about all of my wild past experiences and about all of those things I have always dreamed of doing but have not yet had the opportunity.

I like to use my voice to weave a web around a person and take them into my control. Do not worry if you do not know what to say, I will guide you. You will answer my questions, and you will obey. Maybe there are some very naughty, nasty things that you know you want to do, but you need permission. Want to be my slave? Want to be my puppet? Want to be my slut? You can be whatever I want you to be, whatever you need to be, My submissive play thing. Shed your inhibitions, let's get off together. I can be in your bedroom with you with my voice, right there with you! I just love sex talk!!!!