Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beyond Vanilla / Torture Cage Scene

Last weekend I went to Dallas to attend the annual Beyond Vanilla conference. I had a marvelous time attending various classes on subjects I am very interested in, attended a play party, and managed to do some fetish shopping all in a frantic one and a half day time frame!

The first class I attended was all about how to get your human puppy to obey and be a good little doggy. There were several pups and their owners in this class, and I must say I was very impressed with how responsive the pups were to their handlers commands. At one point during the discussion, the puppies were allowed to go play and frolic on the padded floor set up specifically for this purpose. It was very amusing to watch them roughhousing on all fours, playing tug of war with rubber chew toys, bouncing around and generally behaving exactly as biological canines do. I enjoyed watching them so much! I like to do the same thing at the park when people bring their dogs to play and socialize. My puppy was with me, but he was a little too shy to participate. You see, our doggy play is really only done in private and is quite a bit more sexual than the innocent, silly shenanigans we were witnessing. I suspect their play was probably a lot more sexual in private as well. I did notice that one of the dogs could not seem to keep his nose out of his owners crotch. It was pretty cute to watch.

Some of the other classes I attended were: Marking Your Property, Genital Torture Techniques, Sensual Flogging, and Personality Types. I enjoyed the presentations and learned a few good new tricks. The wonderful thing about this lifestyle is that there is always more to learn and try.

Now, on to the play party. Dallas has an amazing dungeon called The Sanctuary. Back in times of old, criminals could find refuge (santcuary) in churches. Hidden away, they could seek atonement for their sins, and maybe even escape civil punishments. Well, for the miscreant that I brought to The Sanctuary, no such mercy existed. The first thing I noticed upon entering the dungeon was a creepy looking cage hanging on a chain from the ceiling. It was so "Spanish Inquisition". It looked similar to this:
It was a bit narrower, so I had to really stuff my slave boy inside. His six foot four frame was very cramped, and I am sure it must have felt extremely restrictive. The act of putting him inside of this cage piqued my imagination. From this point on, I became the vicious Madame Inquisitor, and it was my job to force my prisoner to confess that he was a HERETIC. He was put through a variety of "tests" to see whether or not he was indeed a blasphemous enemy of God. One of the tests involved vigorously rubbing the edge of a bamboo baton across the tender area of the sternum. At first he would not cry out, until the pain grew so intense, he yelped, thus proving his guilt. Every single test I administered proved his guilt.
I devised a way to push him even further into misery. I tied some of my rope to the cage and spun it around, winding the rope around the cage as I spun, like an old fashioned top. I then pulled the cord, causing the cage to spin really fast! I also set the cage swaying and spinning at the same time! Needless to say my slave was disoriented and ready to confess to anything! Round and round, spinning and turning, I just laughed and laughed.

Deep in subspace, my boy reverted to his early altar boy training.....he started to wail "Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa......Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti....mea culpa......"
His pleas increased my sadistic satisfaction. AAHHH yes, good Catholic guilt! I love it!
I placed a sign on my boy, that said:

Must be punished

Another Mistress took notice and took the opportunity to indulge in her own sadistic urges. By the time I showed mercy, and released him from the cage, he had to be lead around like a mindless zombie, because he lost all ability to think! Ha Ha ha ha