Friday, November 27, 2009

Retro Bondage......yum

One of my slave boys made me very happy this evening. He presented me with a wonderful collection of bondage booklets from the sixties. I am just thrilled with them. He also gave me several black and white glossy original bondage photographs from what appears to be the fifties or early sixties. All of them are gorgeous. I love the lingerie, hair and make up styles and of course all of the tawdry stories. My favorite is the Truant Officer's Punishment. These little booklets are so raw and so very, very naughty.

The very volumes I posses now were probably hidden away in some husbands secret hiding spot, far from the innocent eyes of his decent and morally pure wife. If she only knew that her husband was a kinky pervert who dreamed of being tied up and tortured by an evil Mistress, she would no doubt sue for divorce. Or maybe not.....if she was clever, she might pretend that she never discovered his shameful treasure. Instead, she would study the materials and glean all that she could from them, studying and preparing for her grand move. Just when the mood was right, she would surprise him with a good old fashioned hog- tied spanking. She would then declare herself head of the household and enslave her husband, and they would live happily ever after.

Back in my other life, years ago when I used to be married, I would have been thrilled if my husband was capable of understanding or even accepting my kinky nature....but alas, his mind was closed shut to the delights of sadomasochism. He didn't deserve to have a woman like me!