Monday, December 20, 2010

Cast and chain inescapable bondage

Inescapable bondage is an intense fetish for many, and something that can sometimes be a challenge to accomplish with just rope alone. Chain and padlocks work well if the person wants to feel really, really secure. Being the rope aficianado I am, I at first felt a lack of enthusiasm for the idea of just locking somebody up. This was until I had the opportunity to put somebody in inescapable bondage that combined medical casting fetish and chains and locks.
The boy came over on a Friday afternoon. With him he brought everything needed to make him into my bondage house slave for the entire weekend. To get things started, everything was laid out on the kitchen table and a drop cloth was laid out. Casting can be messy.

I insisted that he remove all of his clothes. I was going to keep him completely naked for the duration of his servitude, but I remembered that this particular slave tended to be a bit drippy. It just wouldn't do to have him making a mess of things, so I had him wear his cute little pvc thong underwear. This contained everything nicely.

I proceeded to wrap his ankles in special padding before applying the fiberglass casting material.

Once this stuff sets, its like cement! During the wrapping, I inserted special metal braces that he had fashioned with chain attached to them. The chain was held securely in place and quite impossible to pull out once the fiberglass had set.

I chained his wrists together and his ankles together with a length of chain connecting everything. I left just enough slack in the chain to allow him to serve as my house slave, doing various chores. I was entertaining guests that Saturday night and he cleaned and made preparations for the party.

My party was a success, and when I let my slave go to sleep, I added padlocks to the chains, shortening them and restricting his range of movement quite severely. He slept all night like this for two nights in a row.
When Sunday evening arrived, it was time to release him from his bondage. We had to use a special saw to cut the casts off.

All in all it was a lovely weekend, and I do appreciate the selfless service that my bondage slave provided.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Party to Remember

I participated in a very special party last weekend. It was a party where ALL of the women were dominant or tops and ALL of the men were submissive or bottoms. There were actually over a hundred people there. It was really incredible to have so many like minded people gathered together in one place. The atmosphere was wonderful because everyone could freely express themselves, surrounded by a variety of amazing people.

There were a myriad of play scenes happening in the different rooms of the venue. It was like walking through a living femdom museum. One could pass from one exhibit to the next, lingering here and there to witness the artistry. One room would have a slave crying out while being mercilessly paddled, his red ass cheeks adding that bit of vibrant color. Another room would have several people sitting, eyes glazed, in a trance while a wise and talented dominatrix puts them into deep hypnosis. Around the corner a grown man emerges wearing the frilly lacy dress of a baby girl, complete with diaper, ruffled panties and fancy bonnet. What an adorable sight! In the front room, a gorgeous mistress was displaying boys that she had turned into various objects. From an upstairs window, I saw four human turkeys outside on the deck being rounded up for some sort of perverted game. Fascinated, I watched from above, having the perfect vantage point as the turkeys were tied, stuffed, and basted. What fun! I especially enjoyed the attention to detail the dominas provided by stapling feathers to the turkeys, you know, for that touch of realism.

At one point, as I worked my way through the exhibits, I felt the urge to kick someone in the balls. I voiced this thought out loud, and much to my delight, a tall muscular man offered himself so that I may satisfy my urge. Without hesitation I had him drop to all fours and firmly planted several kicks to his balls. When he fell over, I kicked him some more on the legs and hips. He thanked me profusely and asked very nicely if I would stand on him. Wanting to repay his generosity for allowing me to kick him so harshly, I granted his request. This guy was unbelievable. I stood with my full weight on his chest wearing these shoes:
I walked about on him a bit, stopping to give him a good kick every now and then. I scraped my heels on his flesh and stimulated his nipples with them. I had fun doing creative strokes with my shoes. I also stomped on the wooden floor right by his head to get his attention when he would zone out. This brought out a lovely startle response in him. I noticed his tongue darting out, and realized that he needed to clean my shoes. He did this with such gusto that I allowed him to suck on the full length of my heel as I slowly plunged it into his mouth. I enjoyed penetrating him in this way very much. All of this activity had me needing to sit and rest, so I did just that.....on his face! I was nice enough to let him breath every so often. Nobody is allowed to pass out on my watch. The people passing by and viewing my addition to the art exhibits made me grateful to be a contributing artist.
And for all of you foot and shoe lovers out there, here is one more pic of my feet.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Deprivation... Sensory and Otherwise

Hello readers! At long last, I am back. I know I have deprived you of my writing lately, but I am happy to return with a new look and some new adventures to report. I just wish that I could devote more time to writing about my favorite past time, which happens to be the erotic domination of willing male creatures of the human variety. Its just not fair that the ordinary vanilla side of my life has demanded so much of my time and energy lately. The pressures of living a double life do have a way of making me a bit cranky at times. I am grateful to the submissive men in my life who offer themselves to me to use as I see fit. I can unload my frustration on their flesh, accept their quietly attentive service, and relax, knowing that they understand me as no others can.

Here is what I did to one of my boys last night:He is a bondage slut who loves the feel of being tightly compressed. I put a corset on him and pulled it very tight. With each pull of the laces, I felt him go deeper into subspace. Next, I tied his hands behind his back, adding extra wraps around his arms and elbows. This increases the effectiveness of the tie, making it very hard to escape from. A few wraps around the chest and upper arms made him feel even more secure.
Now, what I did next, required a great deal of trust for me on his part. I put earplugs in his ears to block out all sound, then wrapped his head with black cloth that blocked out all of the light. I gagged him, then tightly wrapped his head in several layers of pallet wrap. At this point, he could not see or hear anything, and he could not verbally communicate. I did leave his nostrils uncovered so he could breathe. He was deprived of three of his senses. All he had left was his sense of touch and sense of smell.
I took my time toying with his body. It was fun just to watch his reaction to the different sensations I provided. At one point, I hoisted his ankle up into the air, spreading his legs, and exposing his most vulnerable parts. Seeing him like that sparked my creativity and I made a fancy little harness for his cock and balls that did a nice job and lifting and separating the balls. From there I used the cbt cord to ties his big toes together. The cord pulled on his toes and his cock and balls all at once! Hahaha

All of this fun had quite an effect on him. It also had quite an effect on me.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Butt Powered Mind Control

Art work by Mal

This letter I received from one of my boys made me smile. Its so nice to get feedback from those I play with. I will be the first to admit that I do thrive on flattery!

Just wanted to send you a note and stay in touch with you. I haven't forgotten about you. In fact I will never forget about you, the most awesome Mistress around. I can't wait to see you again though. I have to tell on myself. You being my Mistress and me being your slave I am obligated to tell you all my thoughts and naughty thoughts, plus do anything you want me to do. You dominate me even when we are not together. You control my fantasies. It hits me every morning. You overtake my thoughts and control my mind. I usually fantasize about being trapped in your apartment, stripped of my clothes , trapped in your tight inescapable bondage put on my back and then you use my face as your seat cushion. As I am bound and helpless the sight of your beautiful, hot, sexy, irresistible thong panty bottom comes closer and closer to my face. I have the physical ability to turn my head, but my mind and my emotions do not have the ability to turn away, its just too irresistible. I am conquered and dominated as your cheeks meet my cheeks and the thin silky material separating your cheeks tickles my nose. That queened feeling is one of the most awesome feelings I have ever experienced it will make me beg for it. Then you tease and taunt me unmercifully laughing and having a great time with your play toy. That's my fantasy every morning.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My new dungeon

At last! I have a wonderful new dungeon! I have created another world, a world of pure indulgence. My dungeon. Something magical happens to me when I enter my secret chamber. I feel the power start to build up in me and I allow myself to get totally immersed in my role as dominant Mistress and Erotic Sorceress. It is a lovely feeling. One loses all sense of time when inside a room with red walls and a black ceiling. My torture implements hang on the wall, beckoning me to use them on your willing flesh. I have everything I need. The stage is set, the actors know their parts, the play may begin.
I know it has been too long since I have written a post. My relocation consumed enormous amounts of time and energy. But it has all been worth it. I plan on enjoying this new space for a very long time. Eventually I will have themed rooms.....different sets for different scenes. A medical experiment room, a sissy beauty parlor, a rope room, a nursery, a Goddess temple.....I shall have all of these settings and I will make all of my dreams come true.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Feminine Power at Southplains

Last weekend I attended Southplains Leatherfest and had a lovely weekend of socializing, play and of course education. My favorite classes were presented by the one and only fetish diva Midori. As always, I was inspired and delighted by what she had to offer.

The rope lover in me appreciated her Rope Dance class because it focused on how all you really need is a single piece of rope, your desire, and the floor(preferably padded), to guide your partner in a sensual "dance" of submission. From the most subtle of movements, to the more dramatic dips and turns, one can create a very powerful scene with the careful and deliberate use of rope. To demonstrate how important it is to tune in to and be receptive to your partner, she had a couple volunteer to both wear blindfolds while performing a dance. They simply had to really focus all of their attention on each other in order for it to work. In my own experience, I can say that when a person who is receiving my rope cannot focus or is bored or easily distracted I do not get much enjoyment from it. Happily, this has not happened very often.

The next class that Midori taught was all about how women may access their feminine power. Through acknowledging powerful women acrchetypes in history and pop culture, then determining the attributes these female power figures embody, one can recognize that these attributes are the very ones that we each possess. The roomful of people in attendance came up with dozens of names, both real and fictional. The consensual world of bdsm allows us to play the roles that we have been drawn to since childhood in a safe way and with permission. Although I am sure there are many more serious real women leaders who have influenced my feminine consciousness, for the purposes of fun and within the context of a sexy SM weekend, I chose three women, to add to my list. Mae West, Scarlett O'Hara and Mrs. Peel.

I have always been fascinated by Mae West. She seemed to possess the secret knowledge that exists in the erotic minds of men. She knew their secrets and was not scared of them. She was only mildly amused. All she had to do was look at them a certain way and they would succumb instantly to her charms. She lived into her eighties surrounded by her cherished "muscle men" who took care of her every need.
What little girl wouldn't want to be Scarlett O'Hara?, at least if only for the duration of the picnic at Tara before the troubles began. Surrounded by men all vying for her affection, she held court on the lawn, the queen on her throne. Her exquisite features, tiny corseted waist, flashing eyes, enthralled them all. However, she was completely self centered, fickle, and cruel. A child woman throwing a tantrum.....sounds like fun to me!
And then of course, there is the inimitable Mrs. Peel. A steady diet of TV in my early years, no doubt help shaped my female psyche. There was this one woman who was unlike any other portrayed on television at the time. I was intensely attracted to her in a way my eight year old mind could not yet comprehend. I just had to stare at her. I didn't are about the plot of the show, all of that boring espionage stuff. All I was interested in was watching her mannerisms, seeing how show fought and solved problems, how she carried herself and was respected. Oh and she had great outfits.

So, I am grateful to Midori for her class on Female Dominance and I am grateful to strong women everywhere for inspiring me to embrace my female power.