Sunday, October 10, 2010

Deprivation... Sensory and Otherwise

Hello readers! At long last, I am back. I know I have deprived you of my writing lately, but I am happy to return with a new look and some new adventures to report. I just wish that I could devote more time to writing about my favorite past time, which happens to be the erotic domination of willing male creatures of the human variety. Its just not fair that the ordinary vanilla side of my life has demanded so much of my time and energy lately. The pressures of living a double life do have a way of making me a bit cranky at times. I am grateful to the submissive men in my life who offer themselves to me to use as I see fit. I can unload my frustration on their flesh, accept their quietly attentive service, and relax, knowing that they understand me as no others can.

Here is what I did to one of my boys last night:He is a bondage slut who loves the feel of being tightly compressed. I put a corset on him and pulled it very tight. With each pull of the laces, I felt him go deeper into subspace. Next, I tied his hands behind his back, adding extra wraps around his arms and elbows. This increases the effectiveness of the tie, making it very hard to escape from. A few wraps around the chest and upper arms made him feel even more secure.
Now, what I did next, required a great deal of trust for me on his part. I put earplugs in his ears to block out all sound, then wrapped his head with black cloth that blocked out all of the light. I gagged him, then tightly wrapped his head in several layers of pallet wrap. At this point, he could not see or hear anything, and he could not verbally communicate. I did leave his nostrils uncovered so he could breathe. He was deprived of three of his senses. All he had left was his sense of touch and sense of smell.
I took my time toying with his body. It was fun just to watch his reaction to the different sensations I provided. At one point, I hoisted his ankle up into the air, spreading his legs, and exposing his most vulnerable parts. Seeing him like that sparked my creativity and I made a fancy little harness for his cock and balls that did a nice job and lifting and separating the balls. From there I used the cbt cord to ties his big toes together. The cord pulled on his toes and his cock and balls all at once! Hahaha

All of this fun had quite an effect on him. It also had quite an effect on me.