Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Party to Remember

I participated in a very special party last weekend. It was a party where ALL of the women were dominant or tops and ALL of the men were submissive or bottoms. There were actually over a hundred people there. It was really incredible to have so many like minded people gathered together in one place. The atmosphere was wonderful because everyone could freely express themselves, surrounded by a variety of amazing people.

There were a myriad of play scenes happening in the different rooms of the venue. It was like walking through a living femdom museum. One could pass from one exhibit to the next, lingering here and there to witness the artistry. One room would have a slave crying out while being mercilessly paddled, his red ass cheeks adding that bit of vibrant color. Another room would have several people sitting, eyes glazed, in a trance while a wise and talented dominatrix puts them into deep hypnosis. Around the corner a grown man emerges wearing the frilly lacy dress of a baby girl, complete with diaper, ruffled panties and fancy bonnet. What an adorable sight! In the front room, a gorgeous mistress was displaying boys that she had turned into various objects. From an upstairs window, I saw four human turkeys outside on the deck being rounded up for some sort of perverted game. Fascinated, I watched from above, having the perfect vantage point as the turkeys were tied, stuffed, and basted. What fun! I especially enjoyed the attention to detail the dominas provided by stapling feathers to the turkeys, you know, for that touch of realism.

At one point, as I worked my way through the exhibits, I felt the urge to kick someone in the balls. I voiced this thought out loud, and much to my delight, a tall muscular man offered himself so that I may satisfy my urge. Without hesitation I had him drop to all fours and firmly planted several kicks to his balls. When he fell over, I kicked him some more on the legs and hips. He thanked me profusely and asked very nicely if I would stand on him. Wanting to repay his generosity for allowing me to kick him so harshly, I granted his request. This guy was unbelievable. I stood with my full weight on his chest wearing these shoes:
I walked about on him a bit, stopping to give him a good kick every now and then. I scraped my heels on his flesh and stimulated his nipples with them. I had fun doing creative strokes with my shoes. I also stomped on the wooden floor right by his head to get his attention when he would zone out. This brought out a lovely startle response in him. I noticed his tongue darting out, and realized that he needed to clean my shoes. He did this with such gusto that I allowed him to suck on the full length of my heel as I slowly plunged it into his mouth. I enjoyed penetrating him in this way very much. All of this activity had me needing to sit and rest, so I did just that.....on his face! I was nice enough to let him breath every so often. Nobody is allowed to pass out on my watch. The people passing by and viewing my addition to the art exhibits made me grateful to be a contributing artist.
And for all of you foot and shoe lovers out there, here is one more pic of my feet.