Monday, December 20, 2010

Cast and chain inescapable bondage

Inescapable bondage is an intense fetish for many, and something that can sometimes be a challenge to accomplish with just rope alone. Chain and padlocks work well if the person wants to feel really, really secure. Being the rope aficianado I am, I at first felt a lack of enthusiasm for the idea of just locking somebody up. This was until I had the opportunity to put somebody in inescapable bondage that combined medical casting fetish and chains and locks.
The boy came over on a Friday afternoon. With him he brought everything needed to make him into my bondage house slave for the entire weekend. To get things started, everything was laid out on the kitchen table and a drop cloth was laid out. Casting can be messy.

I insisted that he remove all of his clothes. I was going to keep him completely naked for the duration of his servitude, but I remembered that this particular slave tended to be a bit drippy. It just wouldn't do to have him making a mess of things, so I had him wear his cute little pvc thong underwear. This contained everything nicely.

I proceeded to wrap his ankles in special padding before applying the fiberglass casting material.

Once this stuff sets, its like cement! During the wrapping, I inserted special metal braces that he had fashioned with chain attached to them. The chain was held securely in place and quite impossible to pull out once the fiberglass had set.

I chained his wrists together and his ankles together with a length of chain connecting everything. I left just enough slack in the chain to allow him to serve as my house slave, doing various chores. I was entertaining guests that Saturday night and he cleaned and made preparations for the party.

My party was a success, and when I let my slave go to sleep, I added padlocks to the chains, shortening them and restricting his range of movement quite severely. He slept all night like this for two nights in a row.
When Sunday evening arrived, it was time to release him from his bondage. We had to use a special saw to cut the casts off.

All in all it was a lovely weekend, and I do appreciate the selfless service that my bondage slave provided.