Friday, December 30, 2011

My Whipping Boy

My whipping boy is good for so many reasons. He is always respectful, polite, and charming. He brings me presents, good wine, wonderful music, and of course is always generous with my tribute. He only really expects one thing from me; that I give him a good hard whipping. It is a very reasonable expectation, and I am always quite happy to oblige.

Well, I put a lot of thought into my domination sessions and I enjoy crafting a scene that we both will most assuredly enjoy. Not just any whipping will do. It must be delivered with steadfast purpose and wild exuberance, but also with great care.  The mental build up is something that must not be neglected. It starts long before he arrives at my door.

My mind goes to the place deep inside myself where I collect snapshots of past indulgences, snippets of intense pleasure. I remember his body writhing, breaking out in a sweat. His soft moans changing to sharp gasps as the whip slices through the air. Just for fun, I make it snap and pop, with a loud crack. I enjoy the effect this has on him. He is a total whip slut, it arouses him to be under the lash. I watch his body respond and it pleases me. He pleads for a reprieve, I just laugh. I know that he is a masochist and he loves the pain I give him. He loves that I do this to him. I understand his need.

With all of that in mind, I decide to engage in a little erotic psychodrama with him. I tell him he is my prisoner and we are on a ship. He must be punished because he has not swabbed the deck to my liking. In days of old, naughty deck hands were punished with harsh hemp floggers. The hemp lashes were knotted at the ends and soaked in salty sea water. When dried, they would harden and make a vicious implement of torment.  Salty lashes tenderize raw flesh! The prisoner would be tied to the mast and flogged while all of the deck hands watched. The punishment would be so brutal, the onlookers would fall to their knees and pray that they might never suffer the same fate. My boy fell deep into the lovely land of surrender.

I showed him some mercy by whispering in his ear, how well he pleased me, how he had earned some comfort. I allowed him to worship my legs and feet. He brings me exquisite, finely crafted hosiery that is a pure pleasure to touch. I rub his face with one soft stocking, indulging his stocking fetish. I use the other one to tie his cock and balls and finish with a nice big silky bow.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I recently read the autobiography of a very self and sex empowered woman by the name of Annie Sprinkle. I was so inspired by her tales of adventure that I decided to write this entry as a tribute to a modern day sex goddess. The book I read is titled Post Porn Modernist, My 25 Years as a Multimedia Whore. The thing that impressed  me most about this amazing woman is her belief in the raw joy of sexual expression and her determination to portray sexuality as a positive force for good.

Her career began in the seventies when she starred in and also produced her own porn movies. She hosted a salon in her New York apartment that held an assortment of workshops, film shoots, yoga classes, and parties. All kinds of artists, writers, performers and creative people as well as a wide range of eccentric sex professionals could be found there.  Annie worked as an advocate for sex workers rights and is a true sex positive feminist. She tours the country now giving workshops, classes, and performances.

She is one strong woman who continues to stand up for everyone's sexual freedom. This is why I find her an inspiration and hold her in the highest regard.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leather Worship

My leather slave came over today to give his Mistress a wonderful pair of thigh high leather boots. They are quite lovely. The spike heels are five inches high and they do not have unsightly, ugly platforms. I like low platforms, but anything over an inch looks like hooves to me and the last thing I want to do is clomp around on thick hooves. The lines of the footwear must compliment my female form, not make me look like I am wearing Frankenstien boots. These particular boots have all the right lines. They are also made of very smooth leather, and if your nose is close enough, you can smell their subtle aroma. My boy helped me put the new boots on and they fit me perfectly. I also had on a leather skirt, leather vest, and my super soft leather gloves. I stood before him, the classic leather clad Mistress, a leather fetishists dream come true. You see, I need my leather worshipped, ALL OF IT. From the tip of my pointed-toed boots to the top of my vest. I placed my glove encased hands on his face and chuckled as he inhaled their scent. Holding the side of his face with one hand, I gave him a quick slap. My boy massged me through the leather and it felt so good. A proper worshipping session involves the use of the lips and tongue as well as the finger tips. I wanted to feel his tongue through the leather. He got so excited touching, smelling, and tasting the leather, that I had to punish him for being such a horny boy. I lay him across my lap for a good old fashioned over the knee spanking.and once his naughty bottom was nice and red  hot, I fastened some clamps on his tender nipples. He stroked my leather clad legs as I giggled and made him wince by jiggling the clamps. Oh what fun!  At one point I had him take some pictures of me, but he was so nervous he kept shaking and pushing the button too fast. The resulting photos are sort of artistic looking. Here is one of them.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Me in my dungeon

It has occurred to me that my blog is in need of pictures of me with my golden locks. So, I decided to have some fun with my phone and take some shots of myself in my dungeon.
My dungeon is a magical place where all inhibitions are released. There is nothing left but pure abandon and surrender. All sense of time is lost, all connection to the outside world and the banal realities of our earthly existence are forgotten. We play in the world of make believe, but paradoxically, this world of make believe is more real than we could ever have imagined. The realms of the erotic mind are firmly rooted in each of us and demand to be visited. I will validate your inner realm. I will stamp your passport. I will go there with you, but you must allow it. Let it happen. You know you need it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Chain Slave

I instructed one of my slaves to bring over some chain. I wanted more to add to my collection. I appreciate the effect chains have on certain slaves. Its true that I am a rope lover for bondage purposes, but I also love playing with chains. Not only are they great for bondage, but they also work as impact implements as well. Striking someone with a chain is very, very wicked and something that only the most hardcore masochist can withstand. I had my slave cut different lengths of chain for me. I wanted a certain number of links per length and he readily complied.
I have a 1970's medical cart that serves as a wonderful bondage bed. The slave had to lay on the bed as I lashed him down with the chains. They ran snugly across his body, his ankles and his wrists. 
I really like the sound the chains make as I pass them around the metal edges of the bed frame. Its a nice little "tinkle tinkle". 
I even applied chain to his cock and balls. I used a smaller little choke chain, the kind one would use for a small chihuahua, to isolate his balls. I pulled on this a bit, readying them for the torture I would soon inflict. 

I had a wonderful time whipping his balls over and over with my cute little rubber cock whip. I did not stop until I was satisfied and happy with the bright red color my attention brought out. He then earned a nice little ball massage from his loving Mistress. Yes, I am good to my boys and they are very good to me!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pool Bondage

I had the marvelous good fortune yesterday of attending a pool party of the kinky sort. It was so nice to cool off in the pool with the added advantage of using it to aid me in my rope bondage scene.

My rope bottom is always eager to be tied, and the thought of making him totally helpless while under my rope really appealed to me. I applied the chest harness first, then sat him down on the edge of the pool to bind his legs together. Covering his eyes also added to his helplessness. A hand over the mouth made him realize that there would be no protesting, and "Mistress I can't swim... please don't let go... please don't drown me", were met with more determination on my part to guide him through a lovely, floaty, exercise in surrender and trust in his goddess.
I rigged a hog tie of sorts out of the remaining rope, finishing it off with a nice sturdy handle in the middle. All the better to drag him around with.  My rope handle worked perfectly as I glided him through the water. He was quite secure in the rope. There was no way he could get his hands untied and it was impossible for him to move his legs.
Once he was all nice and relaxed and floating in la-la land, I got a wicked idea. I decide to make him grateful that I allow him to breathe! Hahaha I quickly dunked him down into the water, just so he never takes my care and loving attention for granted!
I felt his panic as his body stiffened. Well, okay, I showed him some mercy, and pulled him up to catch his breath. I found this little activity very amusing and did it again and again until I grew tired. He was grateful that his breathtaking goddess took such good care of him!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Golden Goddess

Its true that Texas is in the throes of a horrible drought. A thick blanket of heat has turned all the vegetation brown and yellow, and has kept everyone indoors. The heat is severe and unrelenting. There is an oasis, though in the middle of all of this. It is a place where the air is cool and the atmosphere is filled with soft, rose colored light. Its raining here....a sweet shower of golden rain emanating from the most sacred of fonts. The golden showers are plentiful and free flowing. The Goddess Akume is generous in her blessings to those who worship at her temple. They seek atonement for all of their trangressions and the Goddess gives them what they deserve. Some find it an irresistable honor to be allowed to injest the liquid nectar of the Goddess, while others wish to feel the wetness on their flesh and revel in the glory of it all! Its so very, very wet in my inner sanctum.

Recently, I spent time on the beach in California. My skin tanned and my hair turned a very nice golden color. I am now a Golden Goddess!

Friday, June 3, 2011


This past weekend I had the good fortune to attend a festival in the woods that was incredibly fun. It was a place where all who attended could freely express themselves and participate in a utopian society where creativity and artistic expression abound. I saw so many beautiful people sharing their art and music, also their food, drink and genuine good-natured hospitality. It was a huge camp-out that lasts four days and takes place every year on the same weekend. The people have theme camps where they offer a variety of different delights. At night, the whole encampment is transformed into a magical land with colorful lighting and pulsing music. People in costumes wander about and enjoy various nourishments and libations, some containing intoxicating ingredients. My girl and I wandered from camp to camp, imbibing in their generous offerings. The Red Camp had a naked bartender that would mix a drink for you based on your mood. The drink tasted like nectar of the gods and each person received a unique concoction. Several of the camps had music that pulsed with primal rhythms. I found the music irresistible and danced myself into an ecstatic frenzy. It felt so good to just let myself go, feeling the night breeze on my naked breasts, stars twinkling above, happy and sweaty, my hips thrusting with the beats. All of the people were giddy with joy, the joy of unrestricted pure bacchanalian energy. Some wore costumes of glittering sequins and lights, or fancy top hats and scarves. Others wore nothing, their flesh glowing in the flashing fires and lightshows. In a field there was an enormous Tesla coil set up. The lightning effects it produced in conjunction with electronic music were absolutely spectacular. In the center of this amazing exhibit, was a metal cage that could accomodate two people. I watched, mesmerized, as different couples took turns dancing naked or in various stages of undress, inside of the cage. This same field had enormous fire breathing flame throwing contraptions that would spew flames at random intervals. The effect was dazzling.
Some of the camps featured amusements of the kinky variety, and I made sure to visit and enjoy their offerings. A transgendered sex priestess had a camp that featured floating beds that were suspended from metal frames. People were using them to engage in sex acts as spectators looked on. I enjoyed watching and being a part of all of that erotic energy. I felt my inner goddess rejoice.
I wish that people could always be this loving and free.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Craving the Cane

I have a slave who recently discovered that he has no choice but to take cane strokes from me. He must have cane strokes. He lives for cane strokes. He loves my cane strokes. It is one of the ways that he makes me happy. You see, I am a sexual sadist and it arouses me to strike the tender butt of my slave with my variety of canes.
This particular male had a desire to express his feminine nature, that part of who he is that he must keep hidden deep inside. I can see inside of him. I know that a very sweet and subservient girl lives inside of this man. So many men have these little girls inside of them and it gives me great satisfaction to bring them out to play.
First I had her dress in some shiny thigh high boots and a cute pair of crotchless panties. A red wig completed her look. I sat back and gazed at my creation while she danced for my entertainment. How fun it was to show her how to swivel her hips touch her titties as she danced. The painful nipple clamps were very hard for her to tolerate. Next I had her get on the floor with her shoulders down and ass up. I love seeing a girl in that position. It is quite a lovely sight. She looked like a slut ready to be fucked! Hahahaha! I slapped her butt checks for awhile to get her warmed up for a more severe punishment. Even though she is usually very well behaved, I wanted to remind her that I can punish her without just cause whenever I feel like it because she is my slave and I enjoy hearing her cry out.
Once her ass glowing a nice shade of rosy pink, I selected a thin cane. I sliced the air with it and it made a whooshing sound. My girl started to tremble when she heard it. I had her lay flat and made her wait a bit before I brought the can down for the first stroke. She gasped and whimpered, but that did not stop me from delivering more blows. Sometimes I would pause and make her squirm, feeling the fear and anticipation of the hot searing pain. Her cries were sweet music to my ears and beckoned me to continue, striking her over and over with my evil cane. Her tears, the proof of her surrender to me.

At last she was ready... ready to be taken...and savored...a delectable treat for her Mistress.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Doll

One of my boys tried to pull a fast one on me the other day. He had been wondering what it would be like to overpower his Mistress and give her a spanking. He actually thought that he would be able to pull this off somehow. What he did not take into consideration is that I understand him better than he understands himself and I could tell that something was different in his demeanor when he entered my dungeon. He seemed nervous and not his usual compliant self. When I ordered him to his knees he hesitated just a bit too long. Well, just to remind him that I expect instant and total obedience, I gave him a good hard slap on the face. He dropped his face down to my feet, overwhelmed with his need to submit to me. I allowed him a quick kiss on the top of my boot before tying his wrists together. I ordered him to stay on the floor and hold perfectly still. He still seemed a little nervous.

I was thinking he might be hiding something in the bag he had brought. Sure enough, as I rifled through the contents, I discovered a large black net. Without hesitation, I unfurled the net over him and very quickly climbed on top of him. He tried to struggle a little bit, but found that he was powerless underneath me. A few wraps of my hemp rope secured him further. I laid on top of him with my full weight pressing down on him. I told him that he better explain why he had that net and he better tell me the truth. He was sweating and shaking at this point, my elbow digging into his ribs helped to get the truth out of him. He then admitted he wanted to trap me in the net and give me a spanking. Of course I would never allow that! He thought he was going to be a macho man with me. Well, he thought wrong. While I had him in the net, I put him through a very deep hypnotic induction. I reduced him to nothing. I told him that his only purpose was to be an object for me.
His new name was Fuck Doll.

Fuck Doll had to wear a pretty face, a pretty red little dress, and excruciatingly painful six inch heels. She had to dance for me, and curtsy for me. She had to be silent and pretty and accommodating.

Fuck Doll had to pose for my camera. Fuck Doll likes to be pretty and sexy.

A mindless slut, that's my Fuck Doll!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun on the Floor

I had fun tying up one of my boy toys last night. What started as a relaxing evening enjoying food and conversation turned into a nice bondage session on the floor.
First, I started with a nice hog-tie. I like to wind the rope around the feet and between the toes. I usually indulge in a little toe torture when I do this involving some sort of sharp pointy object. Chopsticks work well for this. I also have a little metal probe that I sometimes use.

After awhile, the boys ankles began to really ache, you see, I had the rope pretty tight and I knew that this added to the agony of the toe torture, so released his ankles.
I decided to allow my rope bottom to open his legs for me, thus exposing his balls to my attention. Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, around and around, the skin gets so taut and sensitive!