Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun on the Floor

I had fun tying up one of my boy toys last night. What started as a relaxing evening enjoying food and conversation turned into a nice bondage session on the floor.
First, I started with a nice hog-tie. I like to wind the rope around the feet and between the toes. I usually indulge in a little toe torture when I do this involving some sort of sharp pointy object. Chopsticks work well for this. I also have a little metal probe that I sometimes use.

After awhile, the boys ankles began to really ache, you see, I had the rope pretty tight and I knew that this added to the agony of the toe torture, so released his ankles.
I decided to allow my rope bottom to open his legs for me, thus exposing his balls to my attention. Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, around and around, the skin gets so taut and sensitive!