Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Doll

One of my boys tried to pull a fast one on me the other day. He had been wondering what it would be like to overpower his Mistress and give her a spanking. He actually thought that he would be able to pull this off somehow. What he did not take into consideration is that I understand him better than he understands himself and I could tell that something was different in his demeanor when he entered my dungeon. He seemed nervous and not his usual compliant self. When I ordered him to his knees he hesitated just a bit too long. Well, just to remind him that I expect instant and total obedience, I gave him a good hard slap on the face. He dropped his face down to my feet, overwhelmed with his need to submit to me. I allowed him a quick kiss on the top of my boot before tying his wrists together. I ordered him to stay on the floor and hold perfectly still. He still seemed a little nervous.

I was thinking he might be hiding something in the bag he had brought. Sure enough, as I rifled through the contents, I discovered a large black net. Without hesitation, I unfurled the net over him and very quickly climbed on top of him. He tried to struggle a little bit, but found that he was powerless underneath me. A few wraps of my hemp rope secured him further. I laid on top of him with my full weight pressing down on him. I told him that he better explain why he had that net and he better tell me the truth. He was sweating and shaking at this point, my elbow digging into his ribs helped to get the truth out of him. He then admitted he wanted to trap me in the net and give me a spanking. Of course I would never allow that! He thought he was going to be a macho man with me. Well, he thought wrong. While I had him in the net, I put him through a very deep hypnotic induction. I reduced him to nothing. I told him that his only purpose was to be an object for me.
His new name was Fuck Doll.

Fuck Doll had to wear a pretty face, a pretty red little dress, and excruciatingly painful six inch heels. She had to dance for me, and curtsy for me. She had to be silent and pretty and accommodating.

Fuck Doll had to pose for my camera. Fuck Doll likes to be pretty and sexy.

A mindless slut, that's my Fuck Doll!