Sunday, May 15, 2011

Craving the Cane

I have a slave who recently discovered that he has no choice but to take cane strokes from me. He must have cane strokes. He lives for cane strokes. He loves my cane strokes. It is one of the ways that he makes me happy. You see, I am a sexual sadist and it arouses me to strike the tender butt of my slave with my variety of canes.
This particular male had a desire to express his feminine nature, that part of who he is that he must keep hidden deep inside. I can see inside of him. I know that a very sweet and subservient girl lives inside of this man. So many men have these little girls inside of them and it gives me great satisfaction to bring them out to play.
First I had her dress in some shiny thigh high boots and a cute pair of crotchless panties. A red wig completed her look. I sat back and gazed at my creation while she danced for my entertainment. How fun it was to show her how to swivel her hips touch her titties as she danced. The painful nipple clamps were very hard for her to tolerate. Next I had her get on the floor with her shoulders down and ass up. I love seeing a girl in that position. It is quite a lovely sight. She looked like a slut ready to be fucked! Hahahaha! I slapped her butt checks for awhile to get her warmed up for a more severe punishment. Even though she is usually very well behaved, I wanted to remind her that I can punish her without just cause whenever I feel like it because she is my slave and I enjoy hearing her cry out.
Once her ass glowing a nice shade of rosy pink, I selected a thin cane. I sliced the air with it and it made a whooshing sound. My girl started to tremble when she heard it. I had her lay flat and made her wait a bit before I brought the can down for the first stroke. She gasped and whimpered, but that did not stop me from delivering more blows. Sometimes I would pause and make her squirm, feeling the fear and anticipation of the hot searing pain. Her cries were sweet music to my ears and beckoned me to continue, striking her over and over with my evil cane. Her tears, the proof of her surrender to me.

At last she was ready... ready to be taken...and savored...a delectable treat for her Mistress.