Friday, June 3, 2011


This past weekend I had the good fortune to attend a festival in the woods that was incredibly fun. It was a place where all who attended could freely express themselves and participate in a utopian society where creativity and artistic expression abound. I saw so many beautiful people sharing their art and music, also their food, drink and genuine good-natured hospitality. It was a huge camp-out that lasts four days and takes place every year on the same weekend. The people have theme camps where they offer a variety of different delights. At night, the whole encampment is transformed into a magical land with colorful lighting and pulsing music. People in costumes wander about and enjoy various nourishments and libations, some containing intoxicating ingredients. My girl and I wandered from camp to camp, imbibing in their generous offerings. The Red Camp had a naked bartender that would mix a drink for you based on your mood. The drink tasted like nectar of the gods and each person received a unique concoction. Several of the camps had music that pulsed with primal rhythms. I found the music irresistible and danced myself into an ecstatic frenzy. It felt so good to just let myself go, feeling the night breeze on my naked breasts, stars twinkling above, happy and sweaty, my hips thrusting with the beats. All of the people were giddy with joy, the joy of unrestricted pure bacchanalian energy. Some wore costumes of glittering sequins and lights, or fancy top hats and scarves. Others wore nothing, their flesh glowing in the flashing fires and lightshows. In a field there was an enormous Tesla coil set up. The lightning effects it produced in conjunction with electronic music were absolutely spectacular. In the center of this amazing exhibit, was a metal cage that could accomodate two people. I watched, mesmerized, as different couples took turns dancing naked or in various stages of undress, inside of the cage. This same field had enormous fire breathing flame throwing contraptions that would spew flames at random intervals. The effect was dazzling.
Some of the camps featured amusements of the kinky variety, and I made sure to visit and enjoy their offerings. A transgendered sex priestess had a camp that featured floating beds that were suspended from metal frames. People were using them to engage in sex acts as spectators looked on. I enjoyed watching and being a part of all of that erotic energy. I felt my inner goddess rejoice.
I wish that people could always be this loving and free.