Thursday, August 4, 2011

Golden Goddess

Its true that Texas is in the throes of a horrible drought. A thick blanket of heat has turned all the vegetation brown and yellow, and has kept everyone indoors. The heat is severe and unrelenting. There is an oasis, though in the middle of all of this. It is a place where the air is cool and the atmosphere is filled with soft, rose colored light. Its raining here....a sweet shower of golden rain emanating from the most sacred of fonts. The golden showers are plentiful and free flowing. The Goddess Akume is generous in her blessings to those who worship at her temple. They seek atonement for all of their trangressions and the Goddess gives them what they deserve. Some find it an irresistable honor to be allowed to injest the liquid nectar of the Goddess, while others wish to feel the wetness on their flesh and revel in the glory of it all! Its so very, very wet in my inner sanctum.

Recently, I spent time on the beach in California. My skin tanned and my hair turned a very nice golden color. I am now a Golden Goddess!