Monday, September 5, 2011

Pool Bondage

I had the marvelous good fortune yesterday of attending a pool party of the kinky sort. It was so nice to cool off in the pool with the added advantage of using it to aid me in my rope bondage scene.

My rope bottom is always eager to be tied, and the thought of making him totally helpless while under my rope really appealed to me. I applied the chest harness first, then sat him down on the edge of the pool to bind his legs together. Covering his eyes also added to his helplessness. A hand over the mouth made him realize that there would be no protesting, and "Mistress I can't swim... please don't let go... please don't drown me", were met with more determination on my part to guide him through a lovely, floaty, exercise in surrender and trust in his goddess.
I rigged a hog tie of sorts out of the remaining rope, finishing it off with a nice sturdy handle in the middle. All the better to drag him around with.  My rope handle worked perfectly as I glided him through the water. He was quite secure in the rope. There was no way he could get his hands untied and it was impossible for him to move his legs.
Once he was all nice and relaxed and floating in la-la land, I got a wicked idea. I decide to make him grateful that I allow him to breathe! Hahaha I quickly dunked him down into the water, just so he never takes my care and loving attention for granted!
I felt his panic as his body stiffened. Well, okay, I showed him some mercy, and pulled him up to catch his breath. I found this little activity very amusing and did it again and again until I grew tired. He was grateful that his breathtaking goddess took such good care of him!