Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leather Worship

My leather slave came over today to give his Mistress a wonderful pair of thigh high leather boots. They are quite lovely. The spike heels are five inches high and they do not have unsightly, ugly platforms. I like low platforms, but anything over an inch looks like hooves to me and the last thing I want to do is clomp around on thick hooves. The lines of the footwear must compliment my female form, not make me look like I am wearing Frankenstien boots. These particular boots have all the right lines. They are also made of very smooth leather, and if your nose is close enough, you can smell their subtle aroma. My boy helped me put the new boots on and they fit me perfectly. I also had on a leather skirt, leather vest, and my super soft leather gloves. I stood before him, the classic leather clad Mistress, a leather fetishists dream come true. You see, I need my leather worshipped, ALL OF IT. From the tip of my pointed-toed boots to the top of my vest. I placed my glove encased hands on his face and chuckled as he inhaled their scent. Holding the side of his face with one hand, I gave him a quick slap. My boy massged me through the leather and it felt so good. A proper worshipping session involves the use of the lips and tongue as well as the finger tips. I wanted to feel his tongue through the leather. He got so excited touching, smelling, and tasting the leather, that I had to punish him for being such a horny boy. I lay him across my lap for a good old fashioned over the knee spanking.and once his naughty bottom was nice and red  hot, I fastened some clamps on his tender nipples. He stroked my leather clad legs as I giggled and made him wince by jiggling the clamps. Oh what fun!  At one point I had him take some pictures of me, but he was so nervous he kept shaking and pushing the button too fast. The resulting photos are sort of artistic looking. Here is one of them.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Me in my dungeon

It has occurred to me that my blog is in need of pictures of me with my golden locks. So, I decided to have some fun with my phone and take some shots of myself in my dungeon.
My dungeon is a magical place where all inhibitions are released. There is nothing left but pure abandon and surrender. All sense of time is lost, all connection to the outside world and the banal realities of our earthly existence are forgotten. We play in the world of make believe, but paradoxically, this world of make believe is more real than we could ever have imagined. The realms of the erotic mind are firmly rooted in each of us and demand to be visited. I will validate your inner realm. I will stamp your passport. I will go there with you, but you must allow it. Let it happen. You know you need it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Chain Slave

I instructed one of my slaves to bring over some chain. I wanted more to add to my collection. I appreciate the effect chains have on certain slaves. Its true that I am a rope lover for bondage purposes, but I also love playing with chains. Not only are they great for bondage, but they also work as impact implements as well. Striking someone with a chain is very, very wicked and something that only the most hardcore masochist can withstand. I had my slave cut different lengths of chain for me. I wanted a certain number of links per length and he readily complied.
I have a 1970's medical cart that serves as a wonderful bondage bed. The slave had to lay on the bed as I lashed him down with the chains. They ran snugly across his body, his ankles and his wrists. 
I really like the sound the chains make as I pass them around the metal edges of the bed frame. Its a nice little "tinkle tinkle". 
I even applied chain to his cock and balls. I used a smaller little choke chain, the kind one would use for a small chihuahua, to isolate his balls. I pulled on this a bit, readying them for the torture I would soon inflict. 

I had a wonderful time whipping his balls over and over with my cute little rubber cock whip. I did not stop until I was satisfied and happy with the bright red color my attention brought out. He then earned a nice little ball massage from his loving Mistress. Yes, I am good to my boys and they are very good to me!