Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beautiful Boy Bondage Bottom

Just when I start to lose faith in the generosity of the universe, specifically that of the Rope Gods, I am blessed with the existence of earthly creatures with no other purpose than to give themselves to me so that I may create something beautiful. One such creature came to me recently, sent no doubt, by the Goddess of Surrender to remind me that life is good, very, very good. 

Silently he sat, quieting his mind, focused on the moment, savoring the anticipation of what was to come. Already, I felt him yield to me as I tied the chest harness. He showed the proper respect, the sweet demeanor of a submissive boy, shyly keeping his eyes cast down. 

 I petted and stroked my lovely plaything as I increased the bondage. His body responded to my attention as he fell deeper into my web.

 He held the tension on the cock bondage cord with his teeth as tight as he could bear it, just as I told him to do. All of the sensations are amplified...all he could do was squirm, and moan, surrendering to me. I drank in his responses, filling myself up with more and more, evoking little gasps as my strokes turned to slaps, scratches, and squeezes.

 I paused to capture this goodness on film.

Words escape me....