Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Siren Song

My new look: red lips, hair and fingernails. 

I am a changeable, multifaceted, woman.

My siren song is unique and draws to me the most interesting of people. From the adventurous seeker of novelty, to the serious recipient of discipline, only the interesting can hear my call. They come from a variety of circumstances and for a variety of reasons. They come for atonement, release, and forgiveness. They come for stimulation, inspiration, and validation. Some, though not all, come for the brain chemicals released through painful sensations. And of course, they also come for pure, unadulterated eroticism in its most perverse forms.

My siren song is very powerful, yet does not steal your life. It enhances life.

The seeker of my art has the mental capacity to understand or at least appreciate it. This rules out the dullard. Indeed, he can not hear my song. This also rules out the self righteous zealot, who hears my song but because it frightens him, closes his mind. Those who seek me are a cut above the rest.

 My song wraps around your mind and pulls you to me. It touches a part of you that is deep inside, a part that is starved for attention. It dares you to join the dance.