Friday, June 29, 2012

Little Sissy Ankle Socks

Crossdressers come in so many varieties! Some are sultry ladies of the evening, with stockings and stiletto heels. Some are the conservative type, who would blend in quite well at the Ladies Auxiliary meeting of the Sons of the American Revolution. Some are teen-aged bimbos, slutty and giggly. Then there are the sissy maids. These delightful creatures take their pleasure in service to others. That alone would be enough, but the fetish appeal is amplified considerably when the maid also happens to be a little girl!

Little Sissy Ankle Socks come over to play. All she really needed was a female authority figure to tell her what to do. She showed up at my dungeon, looking rather manly, which of course is completely unacceptable. She was in luck, because I know how to transform, ugly awkward men into pretty little girls. All it takes is a little bit of make-up, a frilly outfit, and the most adorable accessory of all, which (in her case) is a pair of lacy ankle socks.

Each stage of the transformation took my girl deeper and deeper into her girlie persona. I instructed her on the proper way to sit, walk, and curtsy. I was not surprised that she took to the lessons rather well, considering the hours of practice she had already done on her own. She was so sweet and so very, very cute. Even though she only made a few minor mistakes, I still had to assert my authority with a bit of spanking on her naughty bottom. I had her lay on the ottoman and lift her fluffy dress up, exposing her ruffled panties. I pulled the panties down, and spanked the bare skin. I had her hold that pose for awhile because I wanted her to remember how humiliating a bare-bottomed spanking could be. Once she was properly disciplined, I allowed my girl a special indulgence which shall remain our little secret.