Friday, July 13, 2012

Ballistic For Ball Busting

Of the many pleasures I encounter in my professional domination practice, ball busting happens to be ranked very high. It is hard to describe the supreme, sadistic rush I get out of applying sensation to that oh so delicate, yet surprisingly hardy set of male external organs. When a man offers me his balls, he willingly takes a journey into the dark world of his most masochistic desires. 
I enjoy verbally taunting him about the fact that I can do whatever I want to his balls. I could cut them off if I wanted to, because what does he need them for anyway? I could put them with all of the others in my collection! HaHaHa

I had a marvelous time recently with an extraordinary young man who loves to have his balls beaten, in part so that he may enjoy the bruising for days and days afterward. He brought over a spongy bat for this purpose and I thought it would add some fun to also use my special massage tools called "bongers". These tools, in addition to my feet and hands provided a truly ballistic style busting! 

Dear reader, please rest assured that the safety of my playmates is always foremost in my mind, and especially so with all matters testicular. 

Here is an account, in his words of some of the activities we engaged in:

Ouch. My balls were already aching and pretty tenderized after you strung me up with your crazy bondage and had your way with me (the forever-increasing stomp was excruciating!). Then we moved to the horse and you warned that you were going to take things up a notch, and you meant it! Those rubber-ball whackers packed a killer punch, especially when you started slamming me with two at once, pancaking my nuts in between. At first I couldn't see what you were doing back there, and then I looked on the floor and saw the shadow of my balls swinging...and saw two rubber balls. I saw the rubber ball shadows disappear to each side for your backswing, and had a sudden realization of what was about to happen, just a split second before you started slamming them together. I don't think I've ever felt testicle pain that deeply. And the hits kept coming! And the bat! You had me writhing in a world of pain while you were writhing with pleasure, getting off on it like the evil little sadist that you are. You just completely made me your bitch.

But even that didn't compare to our grand finale with the bat. It was an uphill battle finishing in the face of the most devastating beatdown yet to my bruised, swollen balls. Fucking domination. You hurt me and scared me and pushed my boundaries, but it was still so fun and so hot.
Thanks for a wild ride!