Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Leg Worship

As an ardent observer of men and what many of them seem to fixate on, I have decided that I really, really, like leg men. By that I mean, men who love women's legs. They possess a certain charm and sophistication that separates them from other men. They take the time to notice the curves and the lines that make up the shape of the leg. They notice what happens to a woman's shape when she wears high heels. They imagine what it would feel like to have her lovely legs wrapped around them, what it would look like to get down on the floor, then gaze up under her dress. And while they are on the floor, dare to steal a quick kiss on her ankle. Some can stare, transfixed for long periods of time, at the beautiful legs of a woman. The enchantment becomes complete when she decides to give her tired foot a little air, pops the shoe off, then dangles it for awhile. Some of the more fetish minded luxuriate in the thought of having the opportunity to worship the legs and feet of a dominant goddess.

One of my leg men loves to bring me flowers. He likes to see me smile and although he is not much of a masochist at all, he has other ways of making me happy. He gives my legs the kind of loving attention that I feel is very appropriate for our dynamic. He loves, loves, loves my legs!
artwork by Alazar