Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Erostek Sings the Body Electric

I sing the body electric,
The armies of those I love engirth me and I engirth them,
They will not let me off till I go with them, respond to them,
And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the soul. 
 Walt Whitman
 This is the first verse of a beautiful poem. You should read the rest of it. here

I received a remarkable gift from one of my most brave male admirers. It is a an electrical stimulation device called Erostek. I am very impressed with the range of sensation this thing is capable of. From just barely noticeable to unbearably intense, rhythmic to random, soothing to jarring, the combinations are endless. There is even an audio mode that delivers current in conjunction with music or the sound of MY VOICE.

This lucky boy had showered me with gifts for Christmas, so I was feeling very generous in my attention, both sadistic and mercifully loving. After all, we both know it's for your own good! I was a bit spent after having a great play session, and decided to try this gizmo out on him. I had played with this type of equipment before, but I did not have my own to do with what I pleased, and this made all the difference in my level of interest. I have played with my violet wand kit for years and am a big fan of it, but this kind of electric play is in another realm, not necessarily better, just different. I used my sweet man slave as a human guinea pig for my research.

 We started small, with square electrodes and plenty of gel between the skin and the electrode pad, for good conduction. He placed an enormous amount of trust in me, which really warms my heart. We went straight for the genital area. Wow! I added two penis bands, one under and around the base of everything and another wrapped around just under the coronal ridge. Fun! Then I added an internal probe. Yowza! What happens is that electric current is passed through the flesh and all of the electrodes making a circuit of interesting sensations. I controlled the knobs and the slave gave me exquisite feedback, both verbal and non-verbal.

I was so pleased with his surrender that I had to remind him of something before he left. I commanded that he take down his pants, pull down my pantyhose that he was wearing for the cold drive home, and bend over. I used a permanent marker on his ass to write a message that he must not forget.

 Needless to say, I had such a wonderful time playing with my willing victim, I tried it on myself as well. The laughter that resulted was pure joy, especially when accompanied by the sound of "The Mexican Hat Dance" at full volume!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Frilly Sissy Adult Baby Fetish

 Oh, how I adore a good role-play session! Of course, the parameters had been set ahead of time, with a basic outline of what may happen. I like to start with a few ideas that I embellish as the scene unfolds. The remarkable thing about this kind of play is that it can be full of surprises, yet still remain firmly rooted in the agreed upon scenario.

Sissy fetish has long been one of my favorite activities. There is so much to explore in this fantasy world. One of the areas that can be an offshoot of sissification is adult baby role-play, more specifically, baby girl sissy role-play.

I have a new room to add to my playspaces. It is a very special little room where one may return to a time when they were very little, a time when they did not think about responsibilities and worries.  Adult problems do not exist here. Nothing exists here except the world that we create, which has all kinds of fun in it.

The session started off in my traditional, scary dungeon. The slave was very frightened. In fact, he could not stand the thought of receiving any pain whatsoever. I teased him, and asked him why he could not take a nice whipping. What was he, a sissy? Well, he agreed that yes he was a sissy. I said, oh really? I know just what to do with big sissies like you! I marched him upstairs to my feminization room. I used make up, false eyelashes, and a blonde wig complete with pigtails to turn him into a girl. I wanted to take it even further, and not only make him a girl, but turn him into a baby girl.
I dressed him up in a very frilly baby dress. She looked adorable. And to add to the humiliation, she had to wear a diaper! Haha! I laughed and laughed at my cute girly reminding her that a real man would never let me turn him into a living baby doll for me to play with. And that is exactly what I did. She was my dolly and we played house. I was the Mommy and she was the baby, and a very sweet baby indeed.

Layers and layers of soft fabric and lace can turn even the most manly man into my little plaything. Add a binky to suck on and we have bliss in the making. Mommy was very happy.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pleasurable Pedicure

Having a pedicure is one of life's most luxuriant pleasures. My feet are so sensitive, and I actually derive immense amounts of pleasure by simply having them tended to in this manner. Below is a description of what happens when I go to my nail salon to receive this service.  My pedicurist gave me a quizzical look when I asked if I may take photos of the procedure, but agreed nonetheless.

The first thing they do is soak my feet in a a little foot bath that has soothing jets. An aromatic product is added to the water that smells very nice. I recline in the massage chair and play with the controls as it massages my back. Once my feet have soaked for awhile in the nice, hot, scented water, a scraper is used to remove dead skin and callouses, leaving the skin underneath baby smooth. The nails are filed and shaped, and the cuticles are trimmed.
Exfoliating scrub is applied to my feet. The grains in the scrub feel surprisingly good. It smells minty fresh and feels very tingly. Then the feet are wrapped in steaming hot wet towels after a rich moisturizer is applied.
 The hot towels are removed, then the best part takes place: the massage. I lay back, close my eyes, and focus on the amazing sensations that these expert hands deliver. They knead the muscles with a good strong pressure. This particular masseuse used a variety of techniques, from stroking, squeezing and pounding to gentle tapping and light scratching. Her fingers are laced between each toe as my ankle is rotated first clockwise, then counter clockwise.  She worked her way up to my knees, squeezing my calf muscles and applying an interesting Thai style pounding and karate chopping that sent goose bumps all over my body. I had to restrain my reactions, to not just moan out loud! Holding back my responses caused them to re-circulate inside of me, an intense feeling that only seemed to increase the effect of the massage. It felt soooooo goooood.
The sound of the women who work there speaking in their native tongue just sent me further into my sensual dreamland. I was a pampered queen, in a pleasure temple, listening to the soft voices which sounded like little birds making beautiful music. They were chirping and giggling, then extending the vowels into soft long notes that vibrated my eardrums in a soothing way. Every now and then a staccato sound would break my reverie, and I would remember to hold my reactions in check. Aaahhh,  the feeling is divine!

 All good things must come to an end, so the pedicure proceeded to the nail painting stage. Classic red is my favorite toenail color. Each toenail is painted with meticulous precision.
Toe spreaders are in place until the polish dries.
 Now for the finished result, a perfect pedicure, with soft feet ready to be worshipped by the foot loving man.  

On a side note: 
I recently broke the pinkie toe of my left foot. My podiatrist says it has a spiral fracture. It should be healed in a few months. I can walk on it and have my normal activities with no problems as long as I avoid dancing too hard, one of my favorite pastimes. The thing that makes it feel simply wonderful is to have special attention paid to it with the lips and tongue of a foot lover. I love how good it feels to have a tongue lick it up and down and around, swirling and slowly just lapping it like a piece of sweet candy. I also love a nice slow, gentle sucking, the lips forming a nice little seal for suction, with a soothing rhythm. All of my nerve endings are uber-sensitive there.  This actually feels better than ice packs or hot soaks and I think it will help it heal faster. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chain Mummification

Intense, inescapable bondage is something that can cause a myriad of mental states in an individual. The feeling of being unable to escape, realizing there is no way out, can actually be very calming. Perhaps deep inside the psyche, the memory of being swaddled tightly as an infant contributes to this response. One must give up control completely. This can be hard to do, but the bondage takes away any choices.

I can understand how panic may set in. It requires both physical and mental submission in order to reach a state of bliss. Some people like to test the bondage, straining and sweating, trying with all of their might to get free. The beautiful moment when they realize it is no use, that they simply can not get free is, paradoxically, when their real freedom begins. Most bondage lovers can agree that being physically restrained gives a feeling of freedom like no other.
 Extreme Bondage Boy came over last night to help me sort through a large box of chains that were given to me. I wanted to experiment with chain bondage. We tried several different variations involving a nylon sling, metal hooks, clasps, and one of my ceiling attachment points. We ended up using my medical table to do a partial plastic wrap mummification with added chain.
 At one point, I had to let his hands free for blood circulation. I switched to leather hospital cuffs, then chained the cuffs to the table to restrict his hand's access to a certain part of his anatomy that was begging for attention. The heavy weight of chains piled on, was all the attention it got at that time.
 Extended periods of bondage can cause a person to experience feelings of euphoria that last a nice, good, long time.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pussy Whipped House Husband

One of the games I like to play is "Pussy Whipped House Husband." Remember, it's all for pretend!!!! The rules of the game are:
  •  Male must be willing to follow directions.
  • Male must perform any of the domestic duties that in times past were the responsibility of the wife. 
  • Male must cheerfully and with as much grace as possible don feminine attire, preferably an apron. I want him to be pretty!
  • Male must do his very best at cleaning. Sloppy work will not be tolerated.

This game is very similar to "playing house" as a child, however way more fun because we get to do adult things. It can be simple or elaborate, depending on the players. Some like to incorporate humiliation into it. I can subjugate and objectify my husband just as well as any chauvinistic 1950s man could his wife. I would be the head of the household and domineering spouse. And he better like it if he knows what's good for him. How delicious to turn the roles around, just for fun.  Punishments would be doled out, such as spanking and forcing the male to re-do whatever task he failed at. He could also be slapped across the face for mouthing off, or kicked around if he takes too long. Throw in a little cuckolding and we have a recipe for intense erotic humiliation.


Some males do not care for, and actually wilt under such humiliation and prefer to be adored and sweetly encouraged by their dominant wife. The desire to please and serve is a beautiful thing, one that does not go unnoticed, no matter what kind of scenario is being played out.The more delicate male house husbands find joy in serving and would rather forgo the mental cruelty, which is fine by me, as long as everyone is having fun. After all, that is precisely the point of all of this!

My pussy whipped house husband looked so cute doing the dishes, I just had to snap a few shots.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fascination With Facesitting

Once a boy has experienced my ass resting on his face, he is compelled to offer his face as my cushion as much as he can. It is a pleasure that combines so many sensual and mental delights.  There is nothing he need think about while my strong thighs hold his head in place. The pressure of my butt on his face works as a great big thought-eraser. The internal dialogue is turned off. All that remains is pure animal instinct. It is the instinct of an animal that has submitted to another dominant animal. He must lay still, perfectly still. I will do all the moving as I adjust my weight, my sit bones on the hard surface of his forehead. His soft exhalations warm me and feel so sweet. It would be so easy to deprive him of air. He is so vulnerable. When combined with bondage, he cannot escape. He does not want to escape. He is in a primal state of surrender. My pheromones enter his nostrils and perform their magic on his will. At this point, he is mine, all mine. 
I decide to rub my ass cheeks all over his face and this makes his breath quicken. He starts to moan and wiggle. Well, I know how to solve that. I engulf his mouth and nose with my ass and cut off his air supply. Once calm, I allow him to breathe again. I wonder if he can hold still while I mash my pubic bone against his chin. Nope. No problem, my mighty cheeks cut off his air again. I only allow him to breathe if he does what I want! Ha! I like this game.

Sometimes, if I catch a man staring at my ass, I fantasize about pushing him down to the ground and just plopping my big butt right down on his face. I know that might seem kind of bizarre, but I am not your ordinary kind of gal.
I love this pretty picture by the wonderful fetish artist Namio Harukawa. His art features glorious depictions of facesitting. I would love to sit on his face.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Service Slave

My service slave is always eager to please. He made me very happy yesterday by cleaning my bathroom, spic and spam! I had to remind him of his status ahead of time by placing a leather hood on his head and giving him a ritual whipping. I find that slaves always perform better when they are "softened up" with a bit of flogging before performing any task. The sight of him there, carefully scrubbing and wiping, was very satisfying for me to see. He is willing to do so many things for me, and the list keeps growing. You see, any slave worth his salt derives great pleasure from obeying orders and performing well. Once finished, he respectfully waited, with head bowed, as I inspected his work. The porcelain surfaces of the tub and toilet were gleaming, perfectly clean. I noticed that he did not wipe the counter, though. When I pointed this out to him, he appeared crestfallen, he wanted so bad to be commended, and instead, I found the one thing he neglected and zeroed in on it. Immediately, he scrambled to rectify this. He admitted to me that he was not sure if he was supposed to clean the counter, since I had not specifically told him to do so. We established that in the future, if he is not sure about something, he is allowed to ask about it. He is the type of slave who TRULY wants to please. He would not purposefully try to goad me into giving him attention, negative or positive. This non-manipulative attitude is one of the things about him I cherish.
Good job, slave!
Now that the surfaces are clean enough to eat off of, get busy licking!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


My professional domination practice has brought me so many instances of pure bliss. I think of all of the experiences I have had over the years, all of the people I have encountered, and all of the incredible adventures I have had. I absolutely love what I do and at times I feel overwhelmed with the strange beauty of it all. 

This post is not meant to titillate, rather it is meant to just give all of my former, present, and future playmates a great big THANK YOU for all that you have given me. The ride just keeps getting better and better, and I hope it never stops!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Silver Zentai Mannequin

Last night I had a fabulous time playing with my new friends, a kinky, fun-loving couple. She is a petite beauty and he is a large man who also happens to be a cross dresser. I had just finished whipping a girl upstairs, then headed down for some refreshments. I was taken aback by the sight of a big tall silver statue. I recognized his partner right away and complimented them on his wonderful outfit. He was completely covered, down to his finger tips and toes with a very tight silver metallic spandex zentai suit. It completely obliterated his vision, leaving him rather vulnerable in such a lively setting. He was also completely silent, communicating with body language only, but mostly holding very still, like a mannequin. 

Now, I need to explain something about objectification. I love playing with human objects, and nothing brings the urge out more than a sub wearing a hood. When the face is covered, it frees me to use the person for my own selfish amusement, turning them into an object to manipulate. Yeah!
 His lovely lady and I could not keep our hands off of him. The smooth fabric of his suit was irresistible to the touch. I applied some black nylon rope. One thing lead to another, and before too long, we were walking all over him. She in her cute little bare feet and myself in my chunky heeled biker boots. All of this trampling inspired me to deliver an assortment of sensations, like slapping, punching, jabbing, petting, and poking. I kicked his thighs, then had him get on his hands and knees so I could kick him between the legs! Ha ha! When it was time to rest we sat on him, taking turns on different areas. We did a little smothering, sitting on his face, which was already pretty smashed from the tight fabric. What fun. After all of this, we talked about how fun it would be to cut eye holes in the mask and use him as a house robot. He could be the maid, Rosie, from the Jetsons. He would have to fix us a nice meal, serve it, then wash the dishes.
 Oh Rosie.....oh girl......oh Rosie......oh yeah!!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Leg Show Goes Bye-bye

  Like many people, I received much of my early sexual education from reading various magazines geared towards men. The photos of beautiful women caused a curious feeling inside of me, thrilling, forbidden and oh so naughty. The pictures were great, but what really got my imagination going was reading the letters from readers. I felt like I had been let in on a secret, a big secret world that good girls were not supposed to know about. Sex advice in women’s magazines was silly and laughable compared to the advice one could find in the pages of Penthouse! The best way to find out about what men really want is to read their fantasies. As time went on, I discovered the joys of reading erotic literature of a more sophisticated nature, but I have never lost my appreciation of good old dirty mags.

 My favorite girly magazine is called Leg Show. I even had a subscription for a time, a lovely gift from an admirer. It had been several years since I had seen a new edition, so I thought I would check online to see if perhaps the magazine had a website. I found out that the last issue came out in August of 2012, and they are no longer publishing it. It’s too bad, because I thought it was wonderful. The stories featured dominant women in a variety of fetishistic scenarios, including everything from foot worship to cuckolding. There was always something delightful to read about. The models were gorgeous and the lingerie, oh my, the lingerie was exquisite. I especially liked the old-fashioned stockings and garter belts. I am sad that they are no longer publishing it. I will hold on to my little collection, which has just become more precious to me.
Good-bye Leg Show. You will be missed!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tied, Tethered, and Tinkled

I like this picture by Akira Kito. I like it a lot! I have actually done the very thing this gorgeous picture depicts, down to the legs being hung from the ceiling. All of that tying can be time consuming, and what if I need a potty break? There is no sense in leaving to relieve myself in the restroom when I have a perfectly good receptacle right in front of me!!!!