Sunday, February 10, 2013

Silver Zentai Mannequin

Last night I had a fabulous time playing with my new friends, a kinky, fun-loving couple. She is a petite beauty and he is a large man who also happens to be a cross dresser. I had just finished whipping a girl upstairs, then headed down for some refreshments. I was taken aback by the sight of a big tall silver statue. I recognized his partner right away and complimented them on his wonderful outfit. He was completely covered, down to his finger tips and toes with a very tight silver metallic spandex zentai suit. It completely obliterated his vision, leaving him rather vulnerable in such a lively setting. He was also completely silent, communicating with body language only, but mostly holding very still, like a mannequin. 

Now, I need to explain something about objectification. I love playing with human objects, and nothing brings the urge out more than a sub wearing a hood. When the face is covered, it frees me to use the person for my own selfish amusement, turning them into an object to manipulate. Yeah!
 His lovely lady and I could not keep our hands off of him. The smooth fabric of his suit was irresistible to the touch. I applied some black nylon rope. One thing lead to another, and before too long, we were walking all over him. She in her cute little bare feet and myself in my chunky heeled biker boots. All of this trampling inspired me to deliver an assortment of sensations, like slapping, punching, jabbing, petting, and poking. I kicked his thighs, then had him get on his hands and knees so I could kick him between the legs! Ha ha! When it was time to rest we sat on him, taking turns on different areas. We did a little smothering, sitting on his face, which was already pretty smashed from the tight fabric. What fun. After all of this, we talked about how fun it would be to cut eye holes in the mask and use him as a house robot. He could be the maid, Rosie, from the Jetsons. He would have to fix us a nice meal, serve it, then wash the dishes.
 Oh Rosie.....oh girl......oh Rosie......oh yeah!!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Leg Show Goes Bye-bye

  Like many people, I received much of my early sexual education from reading various magazines geared towards men. The photos of beautiful women caused a curious feeling inside of me, thrilling, forbidden and oh so naughty. The pictures were great, but what really got my imagination going was reading the letters from readers. I felt like I had been let in on a secret, a big secret world that good girls were not supposed to know about. Sex advice in women’s magazines was silly and laughable compared to the advice one could find in the pages of Penthouse! The best way to find out about what men really want is to read their fantasies. As time went on, I discovered the joys of reading erotic literature of a more sophisticated nature, but I have never lost my appreciation of good old dirty mags.

 My favorite girly magazine is called Leg Show. I even had a subscription for a time, a lovely gift from an admirer. It had been several years since I had seen a new edition, so I thought I would check online to see if perhaps the magazine had a website. I found out that the last issue came out in August of 2012, and they are no longer publishing it. It’s too bad, because I thought it was wonderful. The stories featured dominant women in a variety of fetishistic scenarios, including everything from foot worship to cuckolding. There was always something delightful to read about. The models were gorgeous and the lingerie, oh my, the lingerie was exquisite. I especially liked the old-fashioned stockings and garter belts. I am sad that they are no longer publishing it. I will hold on to my little collection, which has just become more precious to me.
Good-bye Leg Show. You will be missed!