Saturday, May 4, 2013

Service Slave

My service slave is always eager to please. He made me very happy yesterday by cleaning my bathroom, spic and spam! I had to remind him of his status ahead of time by placing a leather hood on his head and giving him a ritual whipping. I find that slaves always perform better when they are "softened up" with a bit of flogging before performing any task. The sight of him there, carefully scrubbing and wiping, was very satisfying for me to see. He is willing to do so many things for me, and the list keeps growing. You see, any slave worth his salt derives great pleasure from obeying orders and performing well. Once finished, he respectfully waited, with head bowed, as I inspected his work. The porcelain surfaces of the tub and toilet were gleaming, perfectly clean. I noticed that he did not wipe the counter, though. When I pointed this out to him, he appeared crestfallen, he wanted so bad to be commended, and instead, I found the one thing he neglected and zeroed in on it. Immediately, he scrambled to rectify this. He admitted to me that he was not sure if he was supposed to clean the counter, since I had not specifically told him to do so. We established that in the future, if he is not sure about something, he is allowed to ask about it. He is the type of slave who TRULY wants to please. He would not purposefully try to goad me into giving him attention, negative or positive. This non-manipulative attitude is one of the things about him I cherish.
Good job, slave!
Now that the surfaces are clean enough to eat off of, get busy licking!