Monday, August 12, 2013

Fascination With Facesitting

Once a boy has experienced my ass resting on his face, he is compelled to offer his face as my cushion as much as he can. It is a pleasure that combines so many sensual and mental delights.  There is nothing he need think about while my strong thighs hold his head in place. The pressure of my butt on his face works as a great big thought-eraser. The internal dialogue is turned off. All that remains is pure animal instinct. It is the instinct of an animal that has submitted to another dominant animal. He must lay still, perfectly still. I will do all the moving as I adjust my weight, my sit bones on the hard surface of his forehead. His soft exhalations warm me and feel so sweet. It would be so easy to deprive him of air. He is so vulnerable. When combined with bondage, he cannot escape. He does not want to escape. He is in a primal state of surrender. My pheromones enter his nostrils and perform their magic on his will. At this point, he is mine, all mine. 
I decide to rub my ass cheeks all over his face and this makes his breath quicken. He starts to moan and wiggle. Well, I know how to solve that. I engulf his mouth and nose with my ass and cut off his air supply. Once calm, I allow him to breathe again. I wonder if he can hold still while I mash my pubic bone against his chin. Nope. No problem, my mighty cheeks cut off his air again. I only allow him to breathe if he does what I want! Ha! I like this game.

Sometimes, if I catch a man staring at my ass, I fantasize about pushing him down to the ground and just plopping my big butt right down on his face. I know that might seem kind of bizarre, but I am not your ordinary kind of gal.
I love this pretty picture by the wonderful fetish artist Namio Harukawa. His art features glorious depictions of facesitting. I would love to sit on his face.