Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chain Mummification

Intense, inescapable bondage is something that can cause a myriad of mental states in an individual. The feeling of being unable to escape, realizing there is no way out, can actually be very calming. Perhaps deep inside the psyche, the memory of being swaddled tightly as an infant contributes to this response. One must give up control completely. This can be hard to do, but the bondage takes away any choices.

I can understand how panic may set in. It requires both physical and mental submission in order to reach a state of bliss. Some people like to test the bondage, straining and sweating, trying with all of their might to get free. The beautiful moment when they realize it is no use, that they simply can not get free is, paradoxically, when their real freedom begins. Most bondage lovers can agree that being physically restrained gives a feeling of freedom like no other.
 Extreme Bondage Boy came over last night to help me sort through a large box of chains that were given to me. I wanted to experiment with chain bondage. We tried several different variations involving a nylon sling, metal hooks, clasps, and one of my ceiling attachment points. We ended up using my medical table to do a partial plastic wrap mummification with added chain.
 At one point, I had to let his hands free for blood circulation. I switched to leather hospital cuffs, then chained the cuffs to the table to restrict his hand's access to a certain part of his anatomy that was begging for attention. The heavy weight of chains piled on, was all the attention it got at that time.
 Extended periods of bondage can cause a person to experience feelings of euphoria that last a nice, good, long time.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pussy Whipped House Husband

One of the games I like to play is "Pussy Whipped House Husband." Remember, it's all for pretend!!!! The rules of the game are:
  •  Male must be willing to follow directions.
  • Male must perform any of the domestic duties that in times past were the responsibility of the wife. 
  • Male must cheerfully and with as much grace as possible don feminine attire, preferably an apron. I want him to be pretty!
  • Male must do his very best at cleaning. Sloppy work will not be tolerated.

This game is very similar to "playing house" as a child, however way more fun because we get to do adult things. It can be simple or elaborate, depending on the players. Some like to incorporate humiliation into it. I can subjugate and objectify my husband just as well as any chauvinistic 1950s man could his wife. I would be the head of the household and domineering spouse. And he better like it if he knows what's good for him. How delicious to turn the roles around, just for fun.  Punishments would be doled out, such as spanking and forcing the male to re-do whatever task he failed at. He could also be slapped across the face for mouthing off, or kicked around if he takes too long. Throw in a little cuckolding and we have a recipe for intense erotic humiliation.


Some males do not care for, and actually wilt under such humiliation and prefer to be adored and sweetly encouraged by their dominant wife. The desire to please and serve is a beautiful thing, one that does not go unnoticed, no matter what kind of scenario is being played out.The more delicate male house husbands find joy in serving and would rather forgo the mental cruelty, which is fine by me, as long as everyone is having fun. After all, that is precisely the point of all of this!

My pussy whipped house husband looked so cute doing the dishes, I just had to snap a few shots.