Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sorority Hazing Paddle

Above is a picture of one of my favorite toys. It is a genuine, sorority paddle presented to me as a gift from a hopeful paddle boy. This was over five years ago, and this paddle has been put to strenuous use ever since. It has the perfect heft, and swing, allowing me to deliver walloping whacks with precision and ease. It is also one of my loudest implements, not as loud as the crack of my whips, but definitely louder than your average strap. The sound it makes on the bare bottom is a very loud slapping, whacking sound.  WHACK! Thank Goddess my dungeon is double walled with sound board and insulation between the layers of sheet rock, and the windows are covered with sound board wrapped in sound absorbing foam. One can not be too careful about keeping our kind of fun private.

The sound of the whacks adds a very nice intensity to the activity. I enjoy it. I enjoy increasing and decreasing the tempo as I gauge the reactions of my playmate. I start light, with staccato little taps, a hard one mixed in every now and then just to keep things unpredictable. I ramp things up a bit and slow down to give harder strokes. After a certain amount of time passes, the brain releases certain chemicals to ease your suffering. This chemical release feels amazing and can vary from a slight buzz to a full blown euphoria. I feel it too. It is a visceral connection and can be surprisingly intimate.

The fact that the paddle has the greek letters of a sorority and a university emblem on it adds to its allure. It has a dedication on it,
Holding this paddle takes my imagination all over the place.  What did Shakes and Donna look like? Did Shakes teach her little sister how to take a good punishment? For her own good? Was the paddle used on multiple initiates bums as part of humiliating hazing rituals? HHHmmmmm This powerful paddle has a rich history, I am sure.

The boy who gave this paddle to me did so not to manipulate the Mistress into getting what he wanted, but rather to repectfully communicate his desire.  He does not want elaborate BDSM roleplays or strict protocols. He just wants a solid, good paddling on his butt. He wants to push his own limits by taking as many hard licks as he can. And as an added bonus, he likes to admire my pantyhose clad legs and touch them, ever so delicately. He has taken the most whacks of anyone I have played with. I am proud of him.

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