Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shiny Metal Bondage

It is fascinating to me how an object can illicit a response in a person, especially an erotic response. I find it even more fascinating when I am the one experiencing the response. That is exactly what happened to me when presented with several pieces of finely crafted, exquisite stainless steel restraints. I could see myself in the surface of the metal collar, polished to a mirror-like shine. It felt so smooth and cool, I just had to caress it with my fingertips. When I clasped it around the slave's neck, his breath quickened, excitement and surrender washing over him from the point where the metal touched his neck. The collar is more than just an object. It is the gateway to our fantasy world, and when it is time to return to our mundane existence, it is our gateway back.
When I lifted the leg irons out of their box, I was surprised at how heavy they were. Their heaviness spoke of their cruelty and utter effectiveness. They snap on with very little effort, you can hear a click when the locking mechanism engages. Aaahhh sheer loveliness.
The elegant design of the "stocks" ensures that escape is impossible. A hex key is used to tighten everything down with bolts at the wrists and neck. We used a power drill to make this process quicker, though I imagine a slow approach when I am in a different mood would also be fun.

These wonderful items give me the capability of rendering a person completely helpless. I love having a man laying on the floor, helpless, in front of me. It stirs my imagination and I fills me with all kinds of ideas. Some boys and girls like to drift away into fluffy little clouds of pleasurable sensation,  while others like to be forced to take pain to quiet their masochistic craving for it. Some like a combination of sensations. A slow and building torture of one sort or another is easily accomplished using these gorgeous tools.

I used my fingernails to sensually torture my victim. Stroking the skin, raising gooseflesh, a little slap here, a little tickle there, and let's not forget a deep gauging scratch from time to time, are part of my nail tortures. My favorite tools for CBT are parachute cord, and my nails. In keeping with the theme of our playtime, he did have to wear a metal cock cage for awhile, but this was replaced with my cord, all the better to make that skin so nice and smooth for my nails to scratch! After he was properly tenderized, I indulged him by blowing the smoke from a Virgina Slims Light 120 Menthol cigarette (the kind I used to smoke eons ago) onto his tortured self.
Boys who bring me beautiful toys are make me very happy! Remember.....that is the most important thing! So, Thank You metal restraint male muse, you have INSPIRED me!