Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Metal Bondage Cage

Today was a lucky day for me! Actually, it was lucky for both myself and the gentleman who gave me a glorious gift. He needed to find a home for his beloved metal cage. He designed it and had it built. It is a unique, functional, and beautiful piece of equipment. As I was playfully swinging my stiletto clad foot back and forth, catching his male member with each swing, it occurred to me that I am a very lucky woman indeed. Here was this adorable man, kneeling before me as I sat on my throne,  willing and eager to please me, to let me have my way with him, to let me turn him into a thing whose only purpose is to make me feel good. I told him what I was thinking and he replied that he felt like the lucky one to have found me! So, we laughed and marveled at how good it feels to feel lucky. I felt something stir inside of me, a heady surge of power. It made me realize how happy I am to have a proclivity that allows me to enjoy erotically dominating men!

 I had been dreaming of having a bondage cage that would also serve as a sturdy surface for play on top. I had started asking around about having such a thing built for me. I looked online, but couldn't really find what I wanted.

My new cage is perfect.

It can disassemble easily, into two hinged pieces. The powder coated steel is extremely sturdy.
 It has a padded top and bottom. This makes it perfect for extended, or overnight bondage. The bars, and the bolt handles make for excellent attachment points. Each of the for corners has an eye bolt welded to it. The bondage possibilities are endless.
 The best feature of the cage is the circular opening. The slave can be tied, face down, with appendages dangling in a most vulnerable way! I could use my metal stocks to force the slave to keep his head outside of the cage for some interesting scenarios.
I could sit directly on the opening for delightful forms of worship befitting a goddess of my magnitude! Hahaha!