Thursday, December 10, 2015

Branding the worthy slave

This particular slave had developed a deep and profound trust in me. Our connection has grown over time, and although his visits are spaced several months apart, the bond remains strong. He trusts that I am a sane and reasonable woman, who respects him and accepts his explorations into the universe of kink. Our sessions are always extended ones, giving me plenty of time to take him very deep into our own private world.

This slave expressed a desire to have his flesh branded. He wanted to commemorate his sixth session, with six marks. I thought about it for a moment.  He had already endured a serious flogging, and whipping with my other assorted whips. While his back was resting from all of that,  I covered his white butt with bright pink and red cane marks. Now it is true, that sometimes the effect of my serious attention on a man's body like that causes them to want things that are not safe and/or sane. This could just be the flood of endorphins coursing through his brain doing the talking. A real, permanent brand, that sears through layers of flesh is not something that should be done, if at all, to someone without thorough negotiation, and meticulous preparation involving sterile technique among other considerations.

I wanted to grant this request with a less severe, yet still quite painful, form of branding I learned from fellow kinksters in the scene some time back. They called it Devil's Fire, and I have also heard it called "cell popping" because of the little popping sound the skin makes when it is touched with the glowing hot needle. When I learned this technique,  I wanted to know how it feels, so I placed a little crescent shape on my upper hand, between my thumb and forefinger. The "branding" lasted about a month.

The needle is heated until it is glowing white hot at the tip. Then lightly touched to the flesh.                                                                             

The six marks will be a reminder to him of ALL the pain he has taken from me. He is STRONGER because of it.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Photos of Mistress Akume

I just felt like posting some photos of me lounging around in my dungeon.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Human shoe rack

Slaves can be useful in so many ways. I found this to be true when I decided to do some re-organizing.
I decided that a bunch of my shoes would need to be moved from an over crowded closet to the dungeon closet. I had use of a naked slave who I use from time to time to perform any number of tasks I assign him. Now, this particular slave is not the shoe worship type, although I could train him to be a shoe fetishist if wanted to. I do not feel the need to do this to him, as the world has many wonderful foot and shoe fetishists already.

So, back to the naked man in front of me who must do as he is told. I have him place his forearms together, palms touching. I use purple hemp rope, with lots of bite, to securely tie his wrists and forearms together. The rope pieces I use are about thirty feet long, so I have plenty of rope to make lots of wraps. I am careful about how I place it, everything must be perfect. He stands there, obedient and quiet, watching my hands. The simple act of tying his wrists like this has caused a certain powerful reaction in him. He has sunk deeper into his submission to me. People who are not into bondage can not understand this powerful moment. I understand it and embrace it because as he submits, I feel my own power swell up inside me and it feels really good!

Now that his arms are securely tied, he is told that he is now my human shoe rack and will be put to service transporting my shoes from point A to point B. I load him up with shoes, as many as I can. I warn him that if he drops any of them, it would be really BAD. He manages to complete the task, transporting two loads of shoes. He was such a useful human shoe rack! Just for that, he earned more bondage, laying on his back with a spreader bar between his ankles, and his still tied arms secured to a sturdy point above his head. Seeing him in this vulnerable, helpless position gave me just the incentive I needed to perform my wicked ministrations!

Friday, July 3, 2015

All is Well

All is well in my world, with the exception of a bit of writer's block.  I have received many inquiries as to whether or not I am still seeing clients. I have never stopped my sessions. I have been enjoying the servitude of the men who enter my dungeon and also living a full life. 

Part of the reason for my lack of posts is that Google had decided to delete blogs that they considered objectionable because of their content from the blogger platform. My blog was flagged as such and was set for deletion. I was given a few weeks to save my data and move on. Many, many bloggers were affected by this, and there was a huge outcry against it. This caused google to change their mind, and they let the "objectionable" blogs stay. Needless to say, I felt a bit frustrated when trying to migrate my data to another site, and disappointed by my blog almost getting deleted, I just didn't feel like contributing to it. I still plan on finding a new home for this, and until then, I will endeavor to resume writing posts.