Friday, July 3, 2015

All is Well

All is well in my world, with the exception of a bit of writer's block.  I have received many inquiries as to whether or not I am still seeing clients. I have never stopped my sessions. I have been enjoying the servitude of the men who enter my dungeon and also living a full life. 

Part of the reason for my lack of posts is that Google had decided to delete blogs that they considered objectionable because of their content from the blogger platform. My blog was flagged as such and was set for deletion. I was given a few weeks to save my data and move on. Many, many bloggers were affected by this, and there was a huge outcry against it. This caused google to change their mind, and they let the "objectionable" blogs stay. Needless to say, I felt a bit frustrated when trying to migrate my data to another site, and disappointed by my blog almost getting deleted, I just didn't feel like contributing to it. I still plan on finding a new home for this, and until then, I will endeavor to resume writing posts. 

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