Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The look in his eyes

I am still aglow from a perfectly wonderful session I had last night. This particular slave lives far away from me, so may only see me on the rare occasion when his grueling job allows him to be in Austin. It had been quite some time since he had seen me, and I was happy to welcome him back. I know that life, with it's many demands, can get in the way of one's pursuit of kinky adventures, so of course I forgave his absence. Well, he had to be punished for it first. He had to earn my forgiveness. 

The session began with the placement of a collar around his neck. I ordered him to remove all of his clothing, then stand for inspection.  The feet are to be placed 18 inches apart, fingers laced behind the head, spine straight, eyes staring straight ahead. I examine every inch of him, slowly, with my eyes and with my fingers. There is nothing hidden from my view, my harsh gaze, searching for imperfections. I am also searching for attributes that I find pleasing, such as the indention near the hip bone, or the treasure trail pattern of hair growth, or the care taken to remove the hair growth.  I enjoy the sight of a naked man before me. I really do. My enjoyment is enhanced by the fact that I am fully clothed and I am in charge, while he is naked and vulnerable. Now the man before me has passed inspection, earning the act of kneeling and placing his forehead on my foot. While in this position, he is reminded of my rules and expectations.

I began by tying his wrists together, then placing them behind his head, elbows bent. I ran the rope around his chest, twice, making a quick harness, then fastened it to the ring hanging from the ceiling overhead. I grabbed both his balls and a hank of cbt cord and proceeded to bind them in a tie designed to lift and separate while stretching the skin so very, very tight. Lovely! I never get bored with cock and ball bondage! I can tie and untie in a variety of ways, adding fun embellishments for hours if the mood strikes. With the slave properly bound, I had some fun with a flogger and a knotted cat'o nine tails. I remembered that he was due a real punishment, so I unfastened him from the ceiling.

I like my punishments to have a bit of ritual. It involves being told that a certain number of strokes will be delivered, and the receiver must thank me and ask for another. At first, I had him kneeling, bent over an ottoman, his hands still tied behind his head. I administered several strokes, then decided in order for him to endure further, harder strokes, it would be necessary to allow him to bring his hands back in front. Now I had him standing, bent at the waist. I chuckled as I remarked that it would be just awful if I were to miss my mark, and hit his dangling balls instead of his butt! I gave him a few more strokes as he thought about this. I liked having his ass up high like this. I wanted it higher, so I told him to get it up as high as he could, on tip toes, while holding his balls with a towel and resting his head on the ottoman. I shouted "Keep that ass up!" I was delighted with the position and proceeded to wallop his ass with gusto. When I was satisfied, I announced that he was forgiven for his long absence and he had also earned the privilege of having eye contact with me until told otherwise.

My motive for the eye contact was so that I could enjoy the look in his eyes while I slowly turned the screws of my ball smashing torture device. I enjoyed watching him struggle with this. I asked him to describe the sensation and he told me that not only did he feel the pain in his balls, but also all the way up his stomach. The more I tightened the screws, the more intense the sensation, and also, the more intense his arousal! I had him hovering there for a good long time. The look in his eyes was quite beautiful. The session continued with more fun, leaving us pretty well spent.

Once our session was over, he continued to please me by taking me to a very fancy restaurant downtown. We had worked up quite an appetite. It felt so nice to wind down this way, with elegant surroundings, sweet live music, perfect food, perfect beverages, and near perfect service from our waiter. I went to sleep last night completely happy and completely satisfied. Well done, slave p.