Thursday, January 19, 2017

Erotic Rope Bondage

I got a real treat the other day. A sweet boy appeared before me, to give himself to me to do with as I wished. He was seeking a form of bondage that is readily available to him in his homeland of Japan, yet not so easy to find here. I was happy to indulge him in my version rope bondage, that has many elements of what he might find at home.

I was impressed with the ease in which he could place his hands behind his back. Many men are stiff in the shoulder area, and can not hold this position very long. He could hold the rope for a long time, which gave me plenty of opportunities to apply other fun sensations.

A tie to the leg allowed me easy access to certain tender spots. I hoisted the leg up through the ring I have hanging from the ceiling.

After awhile, it was time to give him some relief and change things up a bit.

I tied his wrists together in front, then pulled them over his head. I secured the rope around his body to hold him in this vulnerable position. I had him sit cross legged and tied his ankles together. I then pushed his head down, and to my surprise and utter delight, his head sunk all the way to the floor! This is a very difficult tie for most people to endure. I looped the ankle rope around the back of his neck to hold him there, making the tie even more severe. 

I told him he was my captive, my prisoner, and I would place a heavy rock on his back. This caused him to react exactly the way I wanted him to.  I ended up sitting on his back instead.

Before our fun ended, he had to do a bit of foot worship while in that most strict position. 

I just love being creative with my rope. A fellow rope lover is a pure joy to work with.